Political Prisoners Were Lashed In Evin Prison During The Most Sacred Days In Ramadan

Step by step escalation of extremely harsh treatment of the political prisoners in Evin prison continued with lashing of some of the political prisoners and summoning to prison the people whose sentences were issued long ago, entered a new phase during Ghadr nights in Ramadan (The assassination of Imam Ali that is mourned by the Shiits).

According to reports by Kalameh, Siyamak Ghaderi, Rahman Bouzari, Ebrahim Babaei Ziedi, Hossein Zarini, Kourosh Koohkan, Nazer Azarniya, Homan Mousavi, Mazdak Ali Nazari, Alireza Kia, Amir Latifi, Ashkan Elahyari, Rasoul Herdani and Kamran Ayazi are the incarcerated political prisoners in Ward 350 of Evin prison that received
torturous lashings during the most sacred nights in the month of Ramadan.

Also, Majid Sadeghinejad had received his lashing sentence last week.

Although, in the past, the lashing sentence of many of the people were not implemented, in consideration of the dignity of the political prisoners, and the Judiciary itself knowing very well that such sentence is baseless. However, this policy change reflects the continuing crackdown on the political prisoners.

A process that started with arrests, illegally keeping prisoners in solitary confinements for long periods of time and torturing of the prisoners, continued with Stalinist show trials and giving out of heavy sentences.

This new policy toward prisoners entered a new phase with a ban on phone calls, visitation restrictions, furlough restrictions, and periodical solitary confinement in Ward 240.

Now this new phase continues with carrying out of the lashing sentences that were not previously implemented, and whereas previously the judges that had issued a lashing sentence would sometimes inform the political prisoner that this was done in lieu of a longer prison term, knowing that the lashing sentence would probably not be carried out.

Also, reports indicate that many people, who had been sentenced a long time ago to prison terms of six months to six years, and were out on bail, have now been contacted by Evin prison and summoned to start their sentences, and informed failure to do so would cause the seizure of their bail by the Judiciary.

Source: Kalameh


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