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A Report From The Burial Of Blogger Sattar Beheshti Killed Under Torture In Custody

35 years old blogger, Sattar Beheshti was arrested on October 30 at his home in Robat Karim. His family was contacted by authorities on November 6th informing them of his death in custody without giving any further explanation or the cause of death.

A Report From The Burial Of Blogger Sattar Beheshti Killed Under Torture In Custody

Sattar Beheshti

Following is an interview with an eye witness conducted by Saham News:

Saham News: An eye witness who attended Sattar Beheshti’s funeral told Saham News that Beheshti’s body showed visible signs on injuries.

According to this witness, Sattar Beheshti’s leg and knees were bloody, his face was bruised and he had head injuries.

According to this witness, Sattar Beheshti’s face and head showed signs of severe injuries and his shroud was blood soaked.

Unfortunately the officers did not allow his family to see his body prior to burial. Only for a few minutes after they placed the body in the grave, they removed the shroud from his face. According to this witness Beheshti’s face was bruised and head showed visible signs of severe injuries that they had tried to cover-up with plaster.

The severity of the assault and battery that Beheshti suffered was very visible on his body and was observed during the ritual cleansing bath of his body.

According to Saham News, Sattar Beheshti was buried at the Shrine of Mohammad Taghi in Robat Karim, section 7, row 3, grave number 11.

Also, despite threats from officials, a memorial ceremony is scheduled for 2:00 p.m. on Friday at his grave site at the Shrine of Mohammad Taghi in Robat Karim .

In the last few days, the officials have been threatening the family not to hold any memorial services for this Green activist.

According to Saham News, a large number of agents were present in various locations at the Shrine of Mohammad Taghi during the burial services. They were video taping the crowd and, in some cases, confronting the people who were speaking on their cell phones.

Also, there are reports that a large number of agents are present in the neighborhood were Sattar lived. They have also removed and collected all the banners and posters relating to Sattar’s death and memorial services.

All contact with Beheshti’s family have been cut off.

Saham News also reports that during a phone interview yesterday with Sattar Beheshti’s sister, agents entered her home and handcuffed her and the phone line was disconnected. They detained Sahar Beheshti for a while and warned her not to speak with the media.

Sattar Beheshti’s father was also present at the burial services, and was crying out with loud voice, “Do not cry for my son, for if he had committed a sin he was killed justly, but if he was unjustly killed then God will avenge his death.”

According to eye witnesses, yesterday when Sattar’s brother-in-law went to collect his body from the medical examiner’s office, the agents confiscated his cell phone and, each time a reporter called, they pretended to be him, telling the reporters that Sattar is alive and is in a hospital.

Source: Sahamnews