Eleven Baha’is Sentenced To Prison In Mashhad

Eleven Baha’is tried last month by the Mashhad Revolutionary Court on charges of Propagating Against the Establishment, were convicted by presiding Judge Ghorbani and have each been sentenced to six months imprisonment.

Following is the list of people that were sentenced to prison in Mashhad:

1- Fataneh Hajipour

2- Navid Nabili

3- Ezatallah Ahmadian

4- Negin Ahmadian

5- Shazad Khalili

6- Naghmeh Zabihian

7- Negar Malekzadeh

8- Behnaz Hadadzadeh

9- Horiyeh Mohseni

10- Arman Mokhtari

11- shayan Tafzali

Also, Horiyeh Mohseni Negar Malekzadeh and Negin Ahmadian were fined 300,000 Tomans for possession of satellite dish and accessories.

Source: HRANA

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