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Nasrin Sotoude’s Husband Warns About Her Grave Health Condition

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband, Reza Khandan on day 41 of her hunger strike warns about the seriousness of her grave condition.

Voicing his concern, Reza Khandan wrote on his Facebook page: “I do not intent to cause worry for our friends, but I sense danger and feel a warning must be given.”

Mr. Khandan adds, “Nasrin entered her forty-first day of hunger strike yesterday (November 26) and her health condition has reached a dangerous stage.”

Nasrin’s husband explains, “Yesterday Nasrin was taken to the medical clinic at Evin, and from now on they intend to take her to the clinic everyday. Her blood pressure was so low that the person taking her pressure could not read it and couldn’t tell her what her pressure was.

The Judicial officials can go on denying everything, but truth always will prevail and will collapse on those who pretend ignorance.

Explanations, projecting blames onto others, and changing of the facts will not solve any problems. Nasrin is not asking for anything illegal, she is saying, “Why are you punishing our 12 year old child because of her mother?”

So far, no one from this vast Judicial system has given an answer to this legal and self-evident question.”

Nasrin Sotoudeh, a lawyer and human rights activist, launched a hunger strike on October 17, 2012, protesting pressures put on her family; banning her 12 year old daughter from leaving the country, denial of the right for her mother to visit her in prison over the past year, denial of in-person visits with her husband and children, and denial of use of a telephone.

Despite requests from friends and various political and civil activists urging her to halt her hunger strike, she Insists on continuing her hunger strike and is now in a dangerous physical situations.

Previously she had made the statement, “I can not just sit here and let them do what ever they please to my children and husband.”

Source: GVF