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Nasrin Sotoudeh’s Husband, Reza Khandan Extends Gratitude To All Who Supported His Family

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband, Reza Khandan, in a message posted on his Facebook. thanked all those from around the world who sent cards and letters supporting and sympathizing with his family:

Every month we receive hundreds of letters and post cards from our fellow citizens and from people around the world, in which they graciously expressed sympathy with us.

Recently their number has increased exponentially. Canada, Norway, the United States, Germany and the Netherlands are the countries that have the highest share in these letters and postcards.

Below is the image of one of these letters we have received from the residents of a village called “Boskamp”, along with pictures of their beautiful lushly green village.

Nasrin Sotoudeh's Husband, Reza Khandan Extends Gratitude To All Who Supported His Family

Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to extend a courteous response to all of them individually. Hereby, I extend my gratitude, and wish a world of peace and joy for everyone.

Reza Khandan
Saturday December 29, 2012
2 P.M

Source: Azadegan Blog

Mir Hossein Mousavi And Wife Were Not Permitted To Attend Funeral Services For Mrs. Rahnavard’s Father

Funeral services for Haj Sadegh Kazemi, father of Zahra Rahnavard were held a few hours ago at Beheshte Zahra cemetery in Tehran. Under house arrest, Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard were not present at the services.

According to Kalameh, despite the lack of any public notification, the funeral was attended by a large number of friends, colleagues and relatives of Kazemi, Mousavi, and the Navab Safavi’s family, in the presence of a large number of security agents.

The security and Plainclothes agents, just as they did with Mr. Mousavi’s father’s funeral, did not allow the funeral procession to originate from the home of Mr. Kazemi, and transported the body to the cemetery themselves.

Mr. Mousavi and his wife were not permitted to attend the burial services. This is in contrast to the portrayal by the media associated with the intelligence apparatuses, who have always tried to portray Mir Hossein and his wife Rahnavard as living ordinary lives, not under house arrest.

In March of 2011, when Mr. Mousavi’s father passed away, not only was Mousavi not permitted a last farewell, but he was not even allowed to attend the funeral.

Also, the repulsive and rude behavior of the agents and the Plainclothes present at the funeral was “contrary to a religious ceremony and ritual” and was quite upsetting to the attendees.

It should be noted that, in the late hours of last night, Mir Hossein Mousavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard were taken to Mrs. Rahnavard’s mother’s home for a short visit with her ill mother.

The meeting was scheduled at a time that all the relatives had already left Mr. Kazemi’s home. The family and even Mrs. Rahnavard’s daughters have not been able to extend their condolences either in person or by phone to Mrs. Rahnavard on the passing of her father.

Sourace: Kalameh

Tension At Evin, Political Prisoners Protested By Chanting And Singing Anthems

The situation became tense, and the prison guards were put on high alert at the door of ward 350, with the political prisoners becoming upset and protesting the transfer of Mostafa Nili to Rejaei Shahr prison by chanting and singing anthems.

As Nili was saying farewell to his cellmates and leaving the Ward he proclaimed that he will launch an open-ended hunger strike upon his illegal transfer.

At the same time, it has been reported that attorney Mohamad Saiefzadeh was suddenly and without prior notice also transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison.

Mostafa Nili, a Green Movement activist was serving his three and a half year sentence in Ward 350, and attorney and human rights activist Mohamad Saiefzadeh who also was imprisoned in this same ward, were suddenly transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison on Tuesday.

Transfer of Saiefzadeh was without prior notice and in fact involved deception. They initially took him to ward 209 and then returned him back to ward 350. They then told him the doctor was now at the clinic and ready for visit, and told him to go there. But not only he did not return from that visit, he was not even permitted to return to the Ward to collect his personal items.

But Mostafa Nili had been informed of his exile (To Rejaei Shahr prison), although without any legal justification.

The announcement of Mostafa Nili’s exile caused a widespread protest in Ward 350 that lasted about seven hours accompanied by the prisoners chants of “Down with the Dictator”, “Down with the Oppressor, whether it be a king or Leader”, Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein”, “Political prisoners ready for martyrdom; disgrace is better than a life in misery”.

They also sang the anthems, “Ey Iran”, “Sar omad zemeston (the winter has gone)”, “My schoolmate” and “The morning bird”.

Mostafa Nili insisted that he will not accept this illegal exile and said unless he is shown a Judiciary order, he refuses to go anywhere other then the pre-designated area for serving his sentence.

In the wake of the protests, six people representing the prisoners were sent to talk with the Evin officials.

Based on the evidence and documents presented, it was found that Nili’s name, with the charge of “Assembly and Collusion”, was on a list among nineteen names of inmates to be exiled to Rejaei Shahr prison.

All the others on the list (who were convicted of theft, murder, and rape) were to be transferred to Rejaei Shahr, on the order of the Judge holding jurisdiction over Evin prison, based on classification of inmates according to crimes committed.

Based on this document, Mostafa Nili accepted the transfer to Rejaei Shahr, in order to put an end to the tension in the Ward.

But Ward 350 political prisoners still believe that this transfer is illegal, and the exile of this political prisoner who was incarcerated in Evin among the other political prisoners, is only due to the Intelligence Ministry’s order for the purpose of putting pressure on this political activist.

The documents that the prison officials showed to the protesting prisoners were signed by Evin’s Warden and on the order of Judge Nasirpour, the judge overseeing the execution of verdicts at Evin.

Ward 350 political prisoners still believe that the exile of any prisoner must be by either a Judiciary order or determined by the Commission overseeing the violations of rules at Evin prison.

The attorneys and the jurists that are imprisoned in Ward 350 all consider the move illegal. They say exile of a prisoner serving his/her sentence requires a court order and that an order by the assistant district attorney is illegal.

Mostafa Nili was arrested `December of 2009, snd h He has been in prison since July 2010. Nili’s insistence on reciting Green Movement slogans when prisoners are released from Ward 350 has caused the prison officials to threaten him with exile and pressing of new charges many times.

It has been reported that his exile was requested by the Intelligence Ministry and after a report made by an informant prisoner placed in the Ward by the Intelligence Ministry. A report that stated Nili was the leader in all of the reciting of slogans by the political prisoners during protests.

Since the presence of the representative of the Ministry of intelligence (Ward 209) in Ward 350 of Evin prison, a few prisoners that convicted of espionage and of providing the country’s secrets to foreign entities, are now recruited by the Intelligence Ministry to provide a daily report of the activities of the prisoners to the representative of Ward 209 that is stationed in Ward 350.

Mostafa Nili, a Ghazvin International university student activist from 2002 to 2004, was the managing editor of the Mehr publication which was banned from publishing on charges of insulting the Leader and it’s managing editor was ordered dismissed.

Nili was a member of the “Free Citizens” headquarter of Mehdi Karoubi’s presidential campaign of 2009. He was incarcerated for forty days on a temporary detention order prior to the start of serving his sentence.

Reports indicate that Nili, prior to his departure from Evin, chanted Green Movement slogans and indicated that he will launch a hunger strike to protest to this illegal transfer . Nili also said that he will hold the Leader, the Judiciary, and the law-breaking prison officials responsible for any harm that comes to him.

He also told his cellmated that “It seems that December 25, the day I was arrested in 2009 is to always be a milestones in my life.”

As he was saying farewell to his cellmates, he sang a Green Movement anthem written by an election 2009 results protester and called on all the prisoners and activists to remain united until the realization of the Green Movement objectives and until liberty is achieved.

Streets roared and became one with the people
Old chocked tears found a way out, and manifested as smiles on our lips
A celebration of roars held in our throats
The malevolent rain of silence, slowly poured and lonely it became
A clamorous heart filled with worries, the ground filled with imprecations
Even God has closed his eyes, he no longer sees us
The alleys are trampled and bruised by strikes of bats and batons
The window’s gaze is moist, not sorrowful nor is it calm
As though we have been born among the dance of death and blood
You are always an inspiration
Now, my hands in your hands, we were lost among the streets
One was “me”, and there were “us”, the streets became ours
The sound of gunfire, the color of blood, and the scream of a dying breath
All bring the sense of being in my vanes
The tree of uproar blossomed, despite the darkness around
The proud night, the bed of blood, death must be near
Look at the darkness, see how afraid of your thoughts it has become
Stars glistening in your eyes, the vow of the sun contained in your blood

Source: Kalameh

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s mother passes away, Official Do Not Allow A Last Farewell

Imprisoned rights attorney, Nasrin Sotoudeh’s mother passed away in hospital yesterday. Due to her imprisonment, Nasrin did not get to see her mother for the last time, as she didn’t get to see her father before he passed away.

Following is translations of a post by Nasrin’s husband Reza Khandan on his Facebook page:

Yesterday, after admitting of Nasrin’s mother in a hospital, due to her critical condition, we sent a letter to the Court in Evin via Nasrin’s sister.

So, hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen with her mother as did with her father, where she was not able to say her last goodbye to him, and they allow her to see her mother, even for a few minutes.

A mother in poor health, that is unclear for what crime she had committed that she was banned from a visit with her daughter per a memo given to Evin’s visiting room by the Prosecutor.

Unfortunately the letter (to the Court in Evin) was returned to us shortly after, and according to the prosecutors office, the court officials refused to accept the letter.

It was an opportunity for a prisoner to be sent to the hospital so she could visit her ill elderly mother and say her farewell.

A mother who had been deprived of seeing her daughter for over a year. Especially since over the last year, many letters of request have been sent to the Prosecutor to allow them a visit.

Unfortunately, this opportunity was lost due to vindictiveness. As the saying goes; you cannot return the water back to stream that has already flowed away.

Source: Azadegan Blog

Who Runs Evin, Judiciary Or Intelligence Ministry? Interrogators Prevent Release On Bail Of Former MP Mir Taher Mousavi

The Intelligence Ministry’s interrogators prevent the release of imprisoned former Parliament member, Mir Taher Mousavi, despite bail having been set by the Judge and posted by the family.

After Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court informed the family of Mir Taher Mousavi last Tuesday that bail had been set at 200 Million Tomans, the family posted the bail on Wednesday and the Court issued the release-on-bail order.

After the Court informed the family they should go to Evin on Wednesday afternoon, they waited from 6 PM until 3 AM, but Taher Mousavi was not released.

On Thursday (visiting day), Mir Taher Mousavi’s wife and children went to Evin, carrying the Court order of release-on-bail, to find out why he had not been released, but were not even allowed to see him by the interrogators.

The Judge in the case has informed the family that he received a 16 page report from the Intelligence Ministry’s interrogators requesting cancellation of release-on-bail, therefor he canceled the release-on-bail order and extended his temporary detention order for another month.

Despite suffering from severe cardiopulmonary, and his symptoms of slowed speech, loosing of his voice and sever weight loss, called very alarming and dangerous by his doctor, examination of Mousavi by a pulmonologist and heart specialist has not been allowed.

Considering Mousavi’s family’s continuous warning to the relevant authorities on his deteriorating health, and their inaction in this matter, the family holds the Judiciary and the Intelligence apparatuses responsible for his health and life.

Last Sunday Kalameh had reported that due to poor health of former Parliament member Mir Taher Mousavi, the Tehran Prosecutor requested the medical examiner to visit Mir Taher Mousavi at Evin prison. But the agents at Ward 209 refused to allow the visiting doctor to see him.

Previously Kalameh had reported that the interrogators have given him two options: A Commander Madhi-style interview that was broadcast on Zarghami’s Sima TV (Seda Va Sima, the Iranian national broadcast system), or; a confession in a show trial same as those we witnessed in the show trials of 2009.

Source: Kalameh

Imprisoned Daughter of Former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, Faezeh, Writes From Evin: Here Is Prison….

Daughter of former president Hashemi Rafsanjani, Faezeh Hashemi, has written a letter from inside prison describing the atmosphere of the women’s ward in Evin prison,  calling it a school of love and a university for learning and practicing democracy.

Faezeh Hashemi was arrested on September 22 of this year in a raid of her home at 12 midnight and transferred to Evin prison.

She is sentenced to six months in prison and a five year ban on membership in any political party or groups and any journalistic activity on charges of insulting the Islamic Republic.

Bellow is the translation of her letter:

Here is prison, with all it’s pressures, restrictions, hardships and difficulties. Mothers separated from their children, husbands and wives separated from each other, brothers and sisters separated from each other, families shattered.

New brides that, before they had a taste of married life, were sent to prison. Infants that, either from moment of birth or shortly after birth, have been deprived of having their mother or father or both with them. Young girls that were sent to prison from behind their desk in a university.

Elderly mothers that are here solely because of their children’s political ideology or for having had visited them (referring to parents that visited their children in MEK camp in Iraq). Women who endure the death of their loved ones with choked tears and are not allowed to see them in the last moment of their lives.

And add to these, the punishment of the families on account of the prisoners and the punishment of the prisoners on account of their families.

Disallowing necessary phone calls. Imposing stricter conditions, tightened the rules and added pressure, with the aim of making prison more intolerable; using various excuses and strange and unreasonable decisions by the officials, with the intent of creating more control and tension.

But despite all the limitations, the women political prisoners in Evin willingly endure these hardships and for the benefit of their ideology, aspire to change these adversities into opportunities. And, with the practicing of democracy in this small environment, they bring the promise of liberty.

Here Freedom Rules:  Things that,  in the current situation,  are virtually impossible outside of prison, here are part of normal and ordinary affairs.

Holding of meetings on the current affairs covering a variety of issues.   Meetings to plan for the future.   Meetings for the management of the Ward and making decisions to deal with the pressures and constraints of the prison.  Releasing statements of protests,  collective acts to protest,  singing of anthems and chanting to protest.

Here Democracy Rules:  Here all decisions are made collectively,  each person has a vote. Everyone, equally and with strong incentives, participates in decision makings.  There are no leaders or guardians,  and everyone is free to express their opinion.

Here Discussions Rule:  Political dialogues on various religions,  all religions and political ideologies and thoughts are present.

Muslim,  Christian,  Baha’i,  secular movement,  the Mojahedin (MEK),  leftists and……Here everyone respects the opinion of others.  While everyone is committed to their beliefs,  but give each other the chance to speak up and carry on a dialogue.

Here Is A University:  A university that,  at no time and no place,  will be formed outside of the prison.  You see,  hear and learn things that can not be seen,  felt or comprehend in any classroom,  meeting, gathering or conference.

You amass experiences similar to those spoken of by the released prisoners,  or in historical books,  and memoirs of others,  that bit by bit engulf your being.

Here Is The Place For Self Improvement:  From early dawn to late at night your time is so filled that you run out of time to complete some of them.

Individual and group book readings.  Foreign language classes,  translation classes,  writing classes,  writing and reciting poetry,  cultural and sports activities,  hand crafted artifacts that are reminiscent of the hardships in prison and filled with beautiful memories.

We all learn from each other.   Every one offers their knowledge to others.   Here the feeling of emptiness and futility no longer exist.

Here Is The School Of Love:  Deep friendships form here,  the feeling of participation and a sense of helping others,  giving and sacrifice,  sympathy and cooperation,  kindness and compassion,  honesty and transparency,  sensitivity and warm heartedness,  selflessness,  love and compassion.

Whatever you possess,  willingly and with all your heart you offer to others.   We all are united.   Being released or being granted furlough is accompanied with tears and the sorrow of separation from friends and compatriots.

Happy for other’s happiness and sufferings for other’s heartaches.   The more that they enforce pressures and restrictions and hardships,  the more solidarity,  love and compassion it creates.

Here Are A Wealth Of Valuable Humans:  The presence of educated women thinkers,  well read and informed,  with purpose and a platform,  with courage and determination,  steadfast and firm,  brave and courageous,  resourceful,  initiative and creative, is a godsend for the prisoners,  and is a missed opportunity for management and development of our country,  Iran,  that has been deprived of these capabilities and talents.

Until you have not come to prison,  you are worried about what kind of place you are going?   Is your time going to be wasted?   Therefore,  you may conduct yourself in a manner that wouldn’t make you end up in prison.

But after you arrive here,  despite all the hardships in this cage,  you are influenced.   Not only do you easily endure the anguishes of prison,  but after being released,  are more determined and more steadfast as you continue on your path.

For there is no longer a fear of prison,  sometimes you even become nostalgic about the memories and your friends.

Perhaps it’s not a bad idea for all those who fight for an ideology or a purpose to spend some time in prison, how ever short that may be. Of course you may be able to plan your coming in here,  but leaving here is another matter.

Source: Kalameh

Nasrin Sotoudeh Still In Poor Physical Condition – Upset Over The Sakharov Prize Statement She Wrote

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband Reza Khandan wrote this entry on his Facebook page tonight:

Today, along with several family members, we had a meeting (with Nasrin). Even though Nasrin is no longer on hunger strike, there is not much improvement in her physical condition since last week.

Despite the digestive problems that were predictable, she has not yet received any medical treatment. They (the officials) have not responded to our request for medical furlough.

In addition, when the subject came up of the statement she wrote for the Sakharov Prize award ceremony, she said, “I wrote that statement three days after ending my hunger strike when I was in very poor physical condition and forgot to write about many things. Including the imprisonment of Mrs. Rahnavard and Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karroubi.”

She asked me to be sure to extend her apologies to these dear ones. She added that after she sent the statement she became aware of this important oversight and other matters as well. But unfortunately, the statement was already sent and she could not find a way to make sure these parts are added. She was very upset about this.

Reza Khandan
Sunday, December 16, 2012
8:20 PM

Source: Azadegan blog

Imprisoned Former MP Mir Taher Mousavi Under Pressure To Give On-Camera False Confession

Because of the poor health condition of imprisoned former Parliament member Mir Taher Mousavi, the Tehran Prosecutor has requested the medical examiner to visit Mir Taher Mousavi at Evin prison. But the agents at Ward 209 refused to allow the visiting doctor to see this political prisoner.

Imprisoned Former MP Mir Taher Mousavi Under Pressure To Give On-Camera False Confession

According to Kalameh, Mir Taher Mousavi suffered from pre-existing heart condition prior to his arrest by the Intelligence Ministry. The severe pressures and interrogations he suffers in Ward 209 have exacerbated his heart condition.

Due to worsening of Mir Taher Mousavi’s health, the Assistant District Attorney had requested the Medical Examiner to send a physician to Evin to examine him. On Tuesday, December 11, a physician from the Medical Examiner’s office went to Evin, but, despite the order from the Prosecutor’s office, the interrogators at Ward 209 denied the physician access to this political prisoner.

According to this report, Mir Taher Mousavi is under severe pressure to give a mock televised interview. To achieve this, the interrogators deny him needed medical treatment.

Kalameh had reported previously that the interrogators have given him two options: A Commander Madhi-style interview that was broadcast on Zarghami’s Sima TV (Seda Va Sima, the Iranian national broadcast system), or; a confession in a show trial same as those we witnessed in the show trials of 2009.

Confessions to crimes not committed; false confessions such as a number of prisoners were forced to give, after long periods of solitary confinements under physical and psychological pressure.

Source: Kalameh

3 Kurdish Political Prisoners To Be Tried On Charges Of Contact With UN Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaeed

According to the Human Rights Activists News Agency, on October 11, 2012, Kurdish political prisoners Jahangir (Houshang) Badouzadeh, Ahmad Tamouei, Yousef Kaleh Memi, Ali Ahmad solaeiman and Mostafa Ali Ahmad, incarcerated in Oromieh prison, were transferred to the Intelligence Ministry’s detention in Oromieh.

These political prisoners have been denied contact with their families or their lawyers for the last two months, and were threatened, humiliated and ill-treated in the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center.

According to the latest reports, these prisoners have been accused by the Intelligence Ministry’s interrogators of contact with foreign media, publication of political prisoners news through contact with human rights agencies, and contact with the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran.

Jahangir (Houshang) Badouzadeh and Yousef Kaleh Memi have been transferred back to Uromieh prison after two months in the Intelligence Ministry’s solitary confinement detention. Ahmad Tamouei has been transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison in Karaj.

There is no information as to where the other two prisoners, named Ali Ahmad Solaeiman and Mostafa Ali Ahmad, have been transferred to, and worries about the fate of these two prisoners still remain.

The agents transporting Ahmad Tamouei from Oromieh to Karaj, assaulted and beat him along the way, before handing him over to Rejaei Shahr prison.

Prisoner (Ahmad Tamouei) was summoned to court today to be tried on the above mentioned charges.

All of these five men were previously tried by the Revolutionary Courts in Oromieh and Mahabad and were all convicted of affiliation with the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) and sentenced as follows:

Jahangir (Houshang) Badouzadeh – Life in prison

Ahmad Tamouei – 15 years imprisonment

Ali Ahmad Solaeiman – 5 years imprisonment

Mostafa Ali Ahmad – 10 years imprisonment

Yousef Kakeh Memi – 7 years imprisonment

Source: HRANA

Sattar Beheshti’s 40th Day Passing Memorial Services Raided, His Mother Beaten And Injured

Attendees at Sattar Beheshti’s 40th day passing memorial services were beaten and several were arrested.

According to the Human Rights News Agency in Iran, the 40th day passing memorial services of Sattar Beheshti at the Imam Mohamad Taghi Shrine in Robat Karim was raided by security agents resulting in beatings and arrests of Sattar’s family and a number of attendees.

Following the request by Sattar Beheshti’s mother and sister for the participants to go from the Shrine to Sattar’s sister’s home for the services, security forces and Plainclothes forces attacked the participants.

Five security officers also attacked and beat Sattar’s elderly mother causing her to sustain leg and knee injuries.

One of the participants at the services told HRANA that the agents were dragging Sattar’s mother on the ground by her hair.

Sattar’s brother, Asghar Beheshti, was also arrested while he was inviting people to his sister’s home. He was kept in detention for two hours.

Another participant in the services has reported that Ahmad Taghavi was arrested. The exact number of people arrested at the services is not yet known.

Source: HRANA