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Former MP Mir Taher Mousavi In Solitary Confinement Under Torture And Pressure More Than 100 Days

Despite illness, former MP Mir Taher Mousavi has been detained in solitary confinement for more than 100 days under pressure and torture. The interrogators have given him two options for transferring him out of solitary confinement:
A Commander Madhi-style interview that was broadcast on Zarghami’s Sima TV (Seda Va Sima, the Iranian national broadcast system), or; a confession in a show trial same as those we witnessed in the show trials of 2009.

Confessions to crimes not committed; false confessions such as a number of prisoners were forced to give, after long periods of solitary confinements under physical and psychological pressure.

According to reports by Kalameh, after more than four months detention, former sixth Parliament member, Mir Taher Mousavi, is under pressure by the interrogators to give an interview confessing to what the security agents dictate.

Participation in mock interviews we previously witnessed, with predefined content, like those by Mohamad Reza Madhi, or confessions to crimes not committed, like those that we witnessed in the show trials of 2009 and the televised mock interviews, are the options given to Mir Taher Mousavi by the interrogators.

Reports indicate that Mir Taher Mousavi has been under pressure the entire time by the interrogators to give false confession. Especially recently he has been under severe psychological pressure to give an on camera confession taking the stance and expressing the positions that the interrogators dictate.

Informed sources from Evin have told Kalameh that the Intelligence agents have explicitly told Mir Taher Mousavi that his only option is to repeat exactly what the interrogators dictate to him before a camera.

According to this report, there is no information at hand indicating whether his tortures included any physical torture or not. But, certainly it is indisputable that solitary confinement in itself is a form of torture, and in Mir Taher Mousavi’s case, psychological pressure and his illness are added.

Last month a source close to Mousavi, voicing concern, told Kalameh that he had a completely accidental meeting with him in the halls of the Judiciary building on October 20. He said, “His severe weight lost was quite apparent, he seemed ill and weak and when I asked how he was doing, the only thing he said was that he is not doing well at all, that he had passed out four times in the last week and that had to be hooked to an IV.”

Mir Taher Mousavi suffers from various illnesses, including a heart condition, and was under physicians care prior to his arrest. Doctors treating him had said, by no means should he be kept in isolation and confined to a closed environment. Despite Mousavi’s family having relayed the physicians opinion to prison officials and the investigators, Mousavi continues to be confined in solitary in Evin Ward 209.

According to the report, Mir Taher Mousavi has not yet been formally charged, and only news sites associated with the Intelligence apparatuses have reported his role in “Engaging in Deviating Humanity Science” and have indicated this as his charge.

Mir Taher Mousavi, a Professor of Sociology, former Parliament member and former Governor of Karaj in the first ten years after the Revolution, was an activist and a member of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s 2009 presidential campaign. After the election, he returned to his academic activities and participation in charitable organizations. He had not been politically active since the 2009 presidential election.

The Young Correspondence Club, that appears to be affiliated to IRIB on the surface, but in fact prepares some of their reports under the supervision of the Intelligence apparatuses, broadcast a film called “Diamond Deception” last May. In it, a person named Madhi was named as the Islamic Republic’s informer in the opposition groups.

They alleged Commander Madhi, who previously was the office manager for Oromiyan (the former representative at the Assembly of Experts), was sentenced to more than 20 years imprisonment on charges of kidnapping and embezzlement, had fled the country and was engaged in trading of precious stones in Thailand.

The outrageous claims made by Madhi regarding his trips to the United States and his meetings, led to more charges pressed against him. There has been no mention of his name or any reports about him in the press for sometime now, but a number of Parliament members have indicated Madhi has been arrested.

Now, some have raised the possibility that the Intelligence agents intend to force Mir Taher Mousavi to give the same sort of confessions as Commander Madhi did, or to at least force him to give mock TV interview as was done in 2009.

Source: Kalameh