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Sattar Beheshti’s 40th Day Passing Memorial Services Raided, His Mother Beaten And Injured

Attendees at Sattar Beheshti’s 40th day passing memorial services were beaten and several were arrested.

According to the Human Rights News Agency in Iran, the 40th day passing memorial services of Sattar Beheshti at the Imam Mohamad Taghi Shrine in Robat Karim was raided by security agents resulting in beatings and arrests of Sattar’s family and a number of attendees.

Following the request by Sattar Beheshti’s mother and sister for the participants to go from the Shrine to Sattar’s sister’s home for the services, security forces and Plainclothes forces attacked the participants.

Five security officers also attacked and beat Sattar’s elderly mother causing her to sustain leg and knee injuries.

One of the participants at the services told HRANA that the agents were dragging Sattar’s mother on the ground by her hair.

Sattar’s brother, Asghar Beheshti, was also arrested while he was inviting people to his sister’s home. He was kept in detention for two hours.

Another participant in the services has reported that Ahmad Taghavi was arrested. The exact number of people arrested at the services is not yet known.

Source: HRANA