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Nasrin Sotoudeh Still In Poor Physical Condition – Upset Over The Sakharov Prize Statement She Wrote

Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband Reza Khandan wrote this entry on his Facebook page tonight:

Today, along with several family members, we had a meeting (with Nasrin). Even though Nasrin is no longer on hunger strike, there is not much improvement in her physical condition since last week.

Despite the digestive problems that were predictable, she has not yet received any medical treatment. They (the officials) have not responded to our request for medical furlough.

In addition, when the subject came up of the statement she wrote for the Sakharov Prize award ceremony, she said, “I wrote that statement three days after ending my hunger strike when I was in very poor physical condition and forgot to write about many things. Including the imprisonment of Mrs. Rahnavard and Mr. Mousavi and Mr. Karroubi.”

She asked me to be sure to extend her apologies to these dear ones. She added that after she sent the statement she became aware of this important oversight and other matters as well. But unfortunately, the statement was already sent and she could not find a way to make sure these parts are added. She was very upset about this.

Reza Khandan
Sunday, December 16, 2012
8:20 PM

Source: Azadegan blog

Imprisoned Former MP Mir Taher Mousavi Under Pressure To Give On-Camera False Confession

Because of the poor health condition of imprisoned former Parliament member Mir Taher Mousavi, the Tehran Prosecutor has requested the medical examiner to visit Mir Taher Mousavi at Evin prison. But the agents at Ward 209 refused to allow the visiting doctor to see this political prisoner.

Imprisoned Former MP Mir Taher Mousavi Under Pressure To Give On-Camera False Confession

According to Kalameh, Mir Taher Mousavi suffered from pre-existing heart condition prior to his arrest by the Intelligence Ministry. The severe pressures and interrogations he suffers in Ward 209 have exacerbated his heart condition.

Due to worsening of Mir Taher Mousavi’s health, the Assistant District Attorney had requested the Medical Examiner to send a physician to Evin to examine him. On Tuesday, December 11, a physician from the Medical Examiner’s office went to Evin, but, despite the order from the Prosecutor’s office, the interrogators at Ward 209 denied the physician access to this political prisoner.

According to this report, Mir Taher Mousavi is under severe pressure to give a mock televised interview. To achieve this, the interrogators deny him needed medical treatment.

Kalameh had reported previously that the interrogators have given him two options: A Commander Madhi-style interview that was broadcast on Zarghami’s Sima TV (Seda Va Sima, the Iranian national broadcast system), or; a confession in a show trial same as those we witnessed in the show trials of 2009.

Confessions to crimes not committed; false confessions such as a number of prisoners were forced to give, after long periods of solitary confinements under physical and psychological pressure.

Source: Kalameh