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Tension At Evin, Political Prisoners Protested By Chanting And Singing Anthems

The situation became tense, and the prison guards were put on high alert at the door of ward 350, with the political prisoners becoming upset and protesting the transfer of Mostafa Nili to Rejaei Shahr prison by chanting and singing anthems.

As Nili was saying farewell to his cellmates and leaving the Ward he proclaimed that he will launch an open-ended hunger strike upon his illegal transfer.

At the same time, it has been reported that attorney Mohamad Saiefzadeh was suddenly and without prior notice also transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison.

Mostafa Nili, a Green Movement activist was serving his three and a half year sentence in Ward 350, and attorney and human rights activist Mohamad Saiefzadeh who also was imprisoned in this same ward, were suddenly transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison on Tuesday.

Transfer of Saiefzadeh was without prior notice and in fact involved deception. They initially took him to ward 209 and then returned him back to ward 350. They then told him the doctor was now at the clinic and ready for visit, and told him to go there. But not only he did not return from that visit, he was not even permitted to return to the Ward to collect his personal items.

But Mostafa Nili had been informed of his exile (To Rejaei Shahr prison), although without any legal justification.

The announcement of Mostafa Nili’s exile caused a widespread protest in Ward 350 that lasted about seven hours accompanied by the prisoners chants of “Down with the Dictator”, “Down with the Oppressor, whether it be a king or Leader”, Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein”, “Political prisoners ready for martyrdom; disgrace is better than a life in misery”.

They also sang the anthems, “Ey Iran”, “Sar omad zemeston (the winter has gone)”, “My schoolmate” and “The morning bird”.

Mostafa Nili insisted that he will not accept this illegal exile and said unless he is shown a Judiciary order, he refuses to go anywhere other then the pre-designated area for serving his sentence.

In the wake of the protests, six people representing the prisoners were sent to talk with the Evin officials.

Based on the evidence and documents presented, it was found that Nili’s name, with the charge of “Assembly and Collusion”, was on a list among nineteen names of inmates to be exiled to Rejaei Shahr prison.

All the others on the list (who were convicted of theft, murder, and rape) were to be transferred to Rejaei Shahr, on the order of the Judge holding jurisdiction over Evin prison, based on classification of inmates according to crimes committed.

Based on this document, Mostafa Nili accepted the transfer to Rejaei Shahr, in order to put an end to the tension in the Ward.

But Ward 350 political prisoners still believe that this transfer is illegal, and the exile of this political prisoner who was incarcerated in Evin among the other political prisoners, is only due to the Intelligence Ministry’s order for the purpose of putting pressure on this political activist.

The documents that the prison officials showed to the protesting prisoners were signed by Evin’s Warden and on the order of Judge Nasirpour, the judge overseeing the execution of verdicts at Evin.

Ward 350 political prisoners still believe that the exile of any prisoner must be by either a Judiciary order or determined by the Commission overseeing the violations of rules at Evin prison.

The attorneys and the jurists that are imprisoned in Ward 350 all consider the move illegal. They say exile of a prisoner serving his/her sentence requires a court order and that an order by the assistant district attorney is illegal.

Mostafa Nili was arrested `December of 2009, snd h He has been in prison since July 2010. Nili’s insistence on reciting Green Movement slogans when prisoners are released from Ward 350 has caused the prison officials to threaten him with exile and pressing of new charges many times.

It has been reported that his exile was requested by the Intelligence Ministry and after a report made by an informant prisoner placed in the Ward by the Intelligence Ministry. A report that stated Nili was the leader in all of the reciting of slogans by the political prisoners during protests.

Since the presence of the representative of the Ministry of intelligence (Ward 209) in Ward 350 of Evin prison, a few prisoners that convicted of espionage and of providing the country’s secrets to foreign entities, are now recruited by the Intelligence Ministry to provide a daily report of the activities of the prisoners to the representative of Ward 209 that is stationed in Ward 350.

Mostafa Nili, a Ghazvin International university student activist from 2002 to 2004, was the managing editor of the Mehr publication which was banned from publishing on charges of insulting the Leader and it’s managing editor was ordered dismissed.

Nili was a member of the “Free Citizens” headquarter of Mehdi Karoubi’s presidential campaign of 2009. He was incarcerated for forty days on a temporary detention order prior to the start of serving his sentence.

Reports indicate that Nili, prior to his departure from Evin, chanted Green Movement slogans and indicated that he will launch a hunger strike to protest to this illegal transfer . Nili also said that he will hold the Leader, the Judiciary, and the law-breaking prison officials responsible for any harm that comes to him.

He also told his cellmated that “It seems that December 25, the day I was arrested in 2009 is to always be a milestones in my life.”

As he was saying farewell to his cellmates, he sang a Green Movement anthem written by an election 2009 results protester and called on all the prisoners and activists to remain united until the realization of the Green Movement objectives and until liberty is achieved.

Streets roared and became one with the people
Old chocked tears found a way out, and manifested as smiles on our lips
A celebration of roars held in our throats
The malevolent rain of silence, slowly poured and lonely it became
A clamorous heart filled with worries, the ground filled with imprecations
Even God has closed his eyes, he no longer sees us
The alleys are trampled and bruised by strikes of bats and batons
The window’s gaze is moist, not sorrowful nor is it calm
As though we have been born among the dance of death and blood
You are always an inspiration
Now, my hands in your hands, we were lost among the streets
One was “me”, and there were “us”, the streets became ours
The sound of gunfire, the color of blood, and the scream of a dying breath
All bring the sense of being in my vanes
The tree of uproar blossomed, despite the darkness around
The proud night, the bed of blood, death must be near
Look at the darkness, see how afraid of your thoughts it has become
Stars glistening in your eyes, the vow of the sun contained in your blood

Source: Kalameh