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Furlough Extension Was Denied, Nasrin Sotoudeh Is Back In Prison

Following is translation of a post by Nasrin Sotoudeh’s husband Reza Khandan’s on his Facebook page.

You can say Nasrin has been arrested again.

Before she was released, they had emphasized that this furlough would be long and somewhat permanent.

Otherwise, Nasrin had indicated that she is not willing to be released on a 3 day furlough after being imprisoned for more than two hand a half years.

A three day furlough would more disturb the children and cause them more anxiety. She was right, this is exactly what occurred.

At 11:00 PM tonight (Monday, January 21), while the children were crying and did not want to separate from their mother, and among the shock of our friends about this summon, Nasrin went to prison.

She emptied the suitcase she had prepared for a trip and filled it with items for prison and left.

Reza Khandan
12:40 AM Tuesday

Source: AzadeganBlog