These Days In Iran – Journalists Arrest

You live in a city where, for many people, peace does not have any meaning. And on an ordinary day just like any other day:

Even though, just last night (January 27, 2013), they arrested a few of your colleagues, or you may have heard about some of your colleagues having been summoned and interrogated…..You may be at work, they come for you. As simple as that: From today, no more job; from today, your home becomes another prison cell.

“Last night at eleven o’clock, when my cell phone was on silence, I checked it for calls. I saw that I had a message from Saba at 9 PM saying: “Milad and I are packing some of our thing and taking them to the new house, will you come to see our house?”

For days, all they thought about was to complete the furnishing of their home. At the beginning of Spring, they are suppose to start their lives under the same roof, and they are very excited.

Early in the morning, the phone rang, it was Saba. I wondered, at this time of the day? With a bit of hesitation, I answered, thinking she may have been upset because we didn’t go over last night…..I said, “Hello, how are you.” I was shocked to hear her cry.

She said, “Milad was arrested last night.” I wondered what I could say…..She asked “What can I do?” The only answer I had for her was, “Nothing, there is nothing you can do; only to stay calm.”

These words were written by Mahdieh Golro (A former political prisoner) on her Facebook page about her friend Saba Sherdoost, the wife of journalist Millad Fadaei (political editor at Ilna). But when Mahdiyeh erroneously (and according to herself not paying enough attention) wrote the name of Saba Azarpaik instead of Saba Seerdoost, she didn’t know that in a few hours it would be Saba Azarpaik’s turn also.

Milad Fadaei Asl and wife Saba Shedoust

Milad Fadaei Asl and wife Saba Shedoust

Today they arrested Saba Azarpaik, perhaps they wanted to retaliate over a lot of things! Like, to retaliate for her pursuing the case of Sattar Beheshti (the blogger who died in detention). Or, retaliation for her sorrow filled report from Robatkarim (where Sattar was buried) and of his mournful mother and sister.

Saba Azarpeik

Saba Azarpeik

Now that they have arrested these journalists, perhaps they want to avenge drop-by-drop the ink that flowed from their pens. But they have a great illusion, an extremely groundless and flimsy illusion.

Yes, Sunday January 27, 2013 will be known as the day that the oppressor blackened and scratched it’s history page with it’s claws.

But one day in the future when people read these pages, nothing will reach their eyes, except the light from the new growth, pure as white.

Although it may appear that the new growth has been enchained by the oppressor, it’s light will remain. An oppressor who leaves marks on it’s own face, by it’s own claws and will eventually give itself the gift of darkness and destruction!….

Source Azadegan blog

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