Mass Summoning Of Activists By Intelligence Apparatuses – Homes Searched, Threats, New Restrictions

While in the past months, the Intelligence apparatuses were trying to encourage the Reformists (in a controlled and ineffective manner) to participate in the upcoming presidential election, yet, a large number of activists have recently been summoned and threatened that they should refrain from any campaign activities. Otherwise, they should expect to be arrested, and more seriously confronted.

According to Kalameh, reports indicate that, in the past few days, a large number of Reformist political activists and critics, a number of university educators, civil activists, labor and union activists, student activists, ethnic activists, Dervishes and Sunnis have been summoned in various cities across the country, by the Intelligence Ministry and the IRGC Intelligence and were given warnings (on behalf of the establishment, they were told) by the intelligence officials.

Kalameh also reports that the homes of many of the people summoned were searched and, in some cases, property and documents were confiscated. In the extensive search of the homes, even the religious and academic papers and pamphlets were carefully examined.

The intelligence agencies have informed the Reformist activists that, for the upcoming ’92 elections (2013), the establishment (read the authoritarian ruler) has made a final decision to prevent the effective participation of Reformists and Green Movement supporters in the election. Further, that any effort made towards involvement in the election will strongly be confronted.

They have also warned most of the people summoned, not to even think about the presence of someone like Khatami (former president) in the election, because according to them, the ruling establishment is against the candidacy of Mohamad Khatami.

The Analysis of some of the people summoned is that the purpose for these summons, and this method of confrontation, is to push from the scene the critical Reformist forces by threats and security management. This will keep the establishment from paying any cost for the possible disqualification of the Reformist candidate, of fraudulent election results, or from being forced to accept a person critical of the current situation in the presidency seat.

Source: Kalameh


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