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On Hunger Strike And In Dire Health, Dr. Mehdi Khazali Allowed Family Visit After Two Weeks

Following is translation of a post on Zahra Khazali’s Facebook. She is the daughter of imprisoned regime critic blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali who now is on day 69 of a hunger strike in Evin prison.

“After two weeks of worries and anxiety, from behind the glass window of the visiting room, as the glare of the lights in the window prevented me from seeing clearly, I saw the shadow of a man, barely able to walk, wearing white sandals, so weak that he could not lift his feet and was dragging his feet on the floor.

His bony shoulders down, and his hands interlocked, as from the cold, was twisting himself, and with a light blue shirt on, same color as the ocean of his heart…..I moved closer to the window and leaned against the glass to see better. It was my father, my father more dear to me than my life. My hands and legs trembling, a cry choaked in my throat. With eyes filled with tears, smiling, he was coming towards us.”

Zahra Khazali
Thursday, February 7
23:45 PM

Source: Azadegan Blog