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Hunger Striking Dr. Mehdi Khazali Once Again In Solitary Confinement, Banned From Visits And Phone Calls

Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s son Mohamad Saleh posted this entry on his Facebook about his failed attempt to see his father on Thursday, day 75 of Dr. Khazali’s hunger strike:

“This morning I went to Evin to visit my father. A rude old man who is the Deputy Warden at Ward 209, shamelessly said, “He is banned from visits, banned from phone calls and is in solitary confinement”.

I asked, “Why”, he said, “Judge’s order”.

I asked, which judge? He said, “The same Judge that you went to see yesterday”.

I said, he (the Judge) told us he has issued my father’s release order, has sent it to you and you have registered the receipt of the order.

He said, “He is playing games with you”.

All of these actions are illegal, but as my father says, “Law does not enter the gates of Evin”.

Mohamad Saleh Khazali
Friday March 15, 2013

Khazali's family

Source: Azadegan Blog