A Number Of Writers Association Members Launch A Hunger Strike In Support Of Dr. Mehdi Khazali

In a show of support, a number of the Writers Association members and friends of Dr. Mehdi Khazali launched a hunger strike on Monday April 8, 2013, coinciding with the 100th day of Dr. Khazali’s hunger strike.

Following is translation of a statement released by them announcing the launch of their hunger strike:

In the name of the God of the martyrs and the truth tellers,

A political venue can only be acceptable if it has not surpassed the realm of humanity and still upholds the true meaning of ethics and the human rights.

At this time, it has been 100 days and nights since the start of the struggle of our friend and compatriot, Dr. Mehdi Khazali, who, based on his beliefs, began his hunger strike.


Dr, Khazali, a veteran of the Holy Defense war, and the son of Ayatollah Khazali (a former member of the Guardian Council, and a current member of the Assembly of Experts), following the example of his exalted Lord and Master, Aba Abdoulah (Imam Hossein), and to obtain his basic incontestable rights against the cruel oppressors, has had to resort to using the last bullet in his weapon.

This veteran of the Holy Defense war, who sees hunger strike as the last resort of the oppressed in the pursuit of their inalienable rights against the oppressor, is spending his 100th day of hunger strike in a small damp cell with a Somali pirate cellmate.

We, a number of friends and supporters of Dr. Khazali and a number of members of the Writers Association, announce launching a hunger strike as of Monday, April 8, 2013 in support of Dr. Khazali.

We will continue our hunger strike until such time that we receive reliable news of Dr. Khazali halting his hunger strike.

It is hoped that the authorities respect the rule of law and stop the detention of this noble Green activist who’s release order was issued two months ago.

We, the undersigned, considering the grave health condition of Dr. Khazali, ask all the kindhearted people and the human rights organizations to pay attention to and address this issue.

Considering his illegal imprisonment, we also feel that the responsibility for any consequences of this prolonged hunger strike, lie with all who have heard the voice of the oppressed asking for his rights but did not act, and perform their duty in this urgent matter.

The signatories:

Mohamad Bagher Moradi, Farshad Aswad, Amir Dabestani, Alireza Ghelichkhani, Ehsan Khanmohamadi, Arash Zaredar, Azar Taherabadi, Shirin Mirkarimi and Mohsen Rahmani

Source: Azadegan Blog


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