Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s Wife: My Husband’s Life Is In Serious Danger, He Should Be In A CCU

On day 110 of dissident blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s hunger strike, a number of political activists visited with his wife. In this meeting, Dr. Khazali’s wife questioned the silence from the Grand Ayatollahs and the senior members of the clergy on her husband’s situation.


According to Kalameh, during this meeting, Dr. Khazali’s wife described the pressure that her husband is under, saying, “It’s now been about six months that dear Mehdi has been kept in a small cell, under harsh conditions and without basic facilities, while he has been on hunger strike for 110 days under tight security.”

She also indicated that even the short phone calls from her husband are getting shorter with by the harassment and interference from the agents.

Mrs. Khazali describing her husband’s health situation said, “His physical condition is very alarming and dangerous. According to my husband, in our last phone call, he said that, due to severe weakness and low blood pressure, he has fallen twice, suffers from shortness of breath and, with a history of heart disease, he needs to hospitalized and placed under special care at a CCU.

But, despite all of this, they are still keeping my husband in a small cell and refuse to transfer him to a hospital. My husband is currently refusing being connected to an IV.”

In response to how long this hunger strike is going to last, she replied, “My husband is a religious man, a revolutionary, a free minded man and has an iron will.

My husband is a man who performed his duty selflessly during the war as a radio-man in the front lines. At that time with radio in hand he guided his comrades by pointing out their weak points and pointed out where the aggressors were attacking from. Today, as he said himself, he is performing his duty on a different front.

Even though I have repeatedly told him that they can not tolerate his critical writings, have deprived him of his basic citizen’s rights, and have repeatedly imprisoned him, but he saw it as his duty to write. Just as he did before, he put on his war uniform and wrote with his pen as his weapon, and he wrote and wrote and wrote.

Whenever he was upset and irritated at the state of the affairs of the country, he resorted to writing, which satisfied him and calmed him down.”

She added, “In our recent phone calls I have begged him to halt his hunger strike.”

At the end of this meeting, Mrs. Khazali read a letter she had addressed to the Grand Ayatollas, the senior members of the clergy, religious scholars and the jurists.

Following is the text of Mrs. Khazali’s message:

“In the name of God of the martyrs and the truth tellers,

Grand Ayatollahs, the senior members of the clergy, religious scholars, the jurists, the noble people of Iran, authorities, government officials and the people in power: I, Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s wife, am a descendant of the celestial Lordship (the Prophet Mohamad), descendant of Fatemeh Zahra and Imam Ali. The Fatemeh who is the personification of Kausar Surah (Quran, Psalm 108, “The Abundance”, name of a fountain in Paradise), Ali Morteza, the example of piety and virtue, the one who pulled a thorn from a Jewish woman’s foot and said he deserved to die for the injustice inflicted upon this woman.

I declare, that my husband’s life is in danger. This great man is nearing martyrdom. I am baffled that the authorities are aware of this and do nothing, and the Grand Ayatollahs and Jurists have only become spectators and remain silent.

Whoever slays a human being, unless it be as punishment for murder or spreading corruption in the land, it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves a life, it is as if he had saved mankind entirely (Quran, Psalm Maaedeh verse 5.32).

The honorables and the dignitaries, what if we remain ignorant and silent and a great man loses his life, and then we become aware and repentant?

Today, with tears of blood, I shout my husband’s innocence, just as my mother Fatemeh Zahra did. I shout and wail.

Just as my Ladyship did, I beat the door of each and everyone of your homes and will narrate our grievances. Perhaps one of you will seek justice for the oppressed from the tyrant.

Source: Kalameh

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