10 Protesting Political Prisoners Continue To Be In Solitary Confinement, Threats Made Against 35 Other Prisoners

Despite a visit by the Deputy Judiciary Chief, the 10 political prisoners who were moved to solitary confinement in Evin Ward 240 on Sunday, are still incarcerated there, and the Deputy Warden of Evin prison has threatened that the other 35 prisoners protesting this illegal move will be confronted and punished.

According to reports by the Kaleme site, the 10 prisoners continue to be in solitary confinement and are also banned from visits.

On Sunday Kalameh reported after the illegal order by Evin officials to remove Saeed Madani as the prisoners’ representative, protests broke out in Ward 350. This ultimately resulted in the special units guards being sent to the ward and the transfer of the following 10 prisoners to solitary confinement:

1 – Saeed Madani
2 – Abdollah Momeni
3 – Abolfazl Abedini Nasr
4 – Siyamak Ghaderi
5 – Amir Khosro Dalirsani
6 – Mohamad Hassan Yousefpour Seifi
7 – Saeed Abedini
8 – Kamran Ayazi
9 – Mohamad Ebrahimi
10-Poriya Ebrahimi

On Monday, the regular visiting day for Ward 350 political prisoners, 35 prisoners protesting the illegal transfer of the 10 prisoners to solitary confinement, refused to go to the visiting room.

The Deputy Judiciary Chief and the head of Iran’s Bureau of Prisons, Esmaeli, was in Evin on Tuesday to follow up on the situation of the 10 prisoners in solitary and the Ward 350 prisoners.

In the past two days, a number of the 10 prisoners in solitary confinement have been taken to Evin’s clinic in poor health condition but returned back to Ward 240 solitary confinement. Also, prior to transfer of Saeed Madani to solitary, the medical examiner had instructed that he must be sent to hospital for gallbladder surgery. However, at this time it is not known if, or when, Madani will be sent for surgery.

On Sunday, a number of Ward 350 political prisoners had volunteered to also be transferred to solitary confinement as a show of support for the other prisoners transferred to solitary. They are ready to go to solitary confinement if their friends are not returned to the General Ward.

The 10 political prisoners transferred to solitary confinement have threatened to launch a hunger strike if they are not returned to the General Ward 350 by the end of this week.

Javad Momeni, the Deputy Warden at Evin, who’s actions were part of the main reason for the prisoners’ protest on Sunday, has said that the 35 prisoners who refused to go to the visiting room on Monday will be dealt with and will be punished.

Source: Kaleme

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