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Imprisoned HR Activist Blogger Hossein Ronaghi’s Father: “My Son’s Life Is In Danger”

In a letter, father of imprisoned rights activist and blogger, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, has asked Tehran’s District Attorney and other Judiciary officials to grant his son medical furlough.

Last April, while on medical furlough, Hossein Ronaghi was hospitalized with kidney function complications and was operated on for the 6th time. But prior to the presidential elections, Hossein and a number of other political prisoners who were out on furlough were summoned back to prison.

Following is the letter written by Hossein Ronaghi’s father as provided to Saham news:

In the name of the Almighty

The honorable Tehran district attorney Mr. Jafari Dowlatabadi
The honorable Judge overseeing Evin prison, Mr. Khodabakhsh
The honorable deputy district attorney
The honorable inspector at Evin prison overseeing Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s case


Hereby I offer my gratitude and appreciation to the honorable district attorney, the staff of his office and the authorities at Evin prison who helped with my son’s approval of a medical furlough in the past.

The honorable district attorney and the Judicial officials: On May 21, 2013 I wrote a letter to you requesting that an extension of medical furlough be granted to my son Hossein, a copy of which was faxed to the official in charge of Hossein’s case at Evin prison.

The honorable district attorney: I also sent you another letter on June 8, 2013, a copy of which was faxed to the security office at Evin prison.

As you are aware, my son has gone under surgery several times and requires that he be under the care of specialists to save his damaged kidneys.

The honorable district attorney: As per your order, on July 1 my son was taken to Hasheminejad hospital for treatment and for a sonogram.

The honorable district attorney and the honorable Judiciary officials: My son’s life is in danger at Evin prison. On July 1 my son sent you a letter from the hospital requesting a medical furlough.

I, sayed Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki, gave my son’s letter to the deputy district attorney, Mr. Khodabakhsh.

Dear Sir, the prison’s environment and the lack of proper nutrition has been, and is harmful to the health of my son. His life is in danger.

Hereby, I request from the honorable district attorney, the official handling Hossein Ronaghi Maleki’s case at Evin and the executive director of Evin prison, that my son be granted the urgently needed medical furlough.

Furthermore, my son now also suffers from digestive problems and has been vomiting and suffering from bleeding ulcer, therefore not able to take his medications for his kidney and other conditions. As per the doctor order, all medications have been suspended. Now there is an urgent need to treat his gastrointestinal condition also.

Sayed Ahmad Ronaghi Maleki, father of imprisoned university student Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

CC: Executive Director of Evin prison

Source: SahamNews