44 Political Prisoners Protested Transfer Of Dr. Ali Nazari On A Stretcher From Evin To Zabol Prison

44 political prisoners incarcerated in Ward 350 of Evin prison, in a letter protested the transfer of their cellmate Dr. Ali Nazeri from Evin prison to Zabol prison (S.E. Iran), saying the responsibility for any ill effect happening to Dr. Nazeri lies with the Judicial authorities.

Kaleme website had reported that Dr. Ali Nazeri an environmental and human rights activist who was re-arrested about 20 days ago at his dental practice, was transferred from Evin to Zabol prison on Tuesday.

Dr. Ali Nazari was initially arrested June 2010 for participating in the Green Movement activities. He was tried and convicted in Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Pirabbasi, on the charge of propaganda against the system and was given an unjust sentence of one year imprisonment to be served in the city of Zabol plus 10 years forced exile in the same city.

HRANA also reports that 6 of the people protesting the transfer of Dr. Nazari have now been moved to solitary confinement.

Following is the text of the protest letter written by 44 of Dr. Nazari’s prison mates:

In the name of God,

On Tuesday July 16, 2013, by the order of Judicial authorities, Dr. Ali Nazari was transferred from Evin Ward 350 to Zabol. Dr. Nazari was only guilty of seeking freedom, defending human rights and defending the rights of the people in the Green Movement.

We wish the authorities that, by their acts are themselves responsible for our country’s current plight, and must have seen the people’s reactions to their deeds, both before and after the election, would, rather than continuing the past approach and continue to hold spite against the people, would heed the people’s demands and opinions, and compensate for their past actions.

We still hold hope that they reconsider their actions and join the people in their demands, for this is not only for the good of the country but is also to their own benefit.

Dr. Nazeri, one of Ward 350 political prisoners, suffers from serious heart disease and high blood pressure and because of his unstable situation and the condition of his health he must be monitored by a physician daily.

He was quite ill at the time of transfer and was irresponsibly moved out of Ward 350 to an ambulance on a stretcher.

We, prison mates of Dr. Nazeri, along with requesting his return back to Ward 350, hold the Judicial authorities responsible for any ill effect this transfer may have on Dr. Nazari.

The signatories:
1- Mohamad Ebrahimi

2- Hassan Assadi Zaiedabadi

3- Amir Islami

4- Reza Entesari

5– Ebrahim Babaei

6- Mostafa Badkoubei

7- Emad Bahavar

8- Omid Behrouzi

9- Ghorban Behzadian Nejad

10- Sayd Alireza Beheshti Shirazi

11- Kamyar Parsa

12- Masoud Pedram

13- Nader Jani

14- Amin Chalaki

15- Siyavoush Hatam

16- Issa Khan Hatami

17- Ali Khodabakhsh

18- Mehdi Khodaei

19- Mostafa Daneshjou

20- Mohamad Davari

21- Amir Khosro Dalirsani

22- Alireza Rejaei

23- Mohamad Sadegh Rabani

24- Mohamad Rezaei

25- Alireza Roshan

26- Sayd Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

27- Mostafa Rismanbaf

28- Hossein Zarbini

29- Abdolfatah Soltani

30- Mostafa Abdi

31- Fayzollah Arabsorkhi

32- Bezad Arab Gol

33- Siyamak Ghaderi

34- Afshin Karampour

35- Hamid Karvasi

36- Jafar Ganji

37- Hamid Reza Moradi

38- Abdollah Momeni

39- Mohsen Mirdamadi

40- Nasour Naghipour

41- Mohamad Amin Hadavi

42- Sayd Ahmad Hashemi

43- Farshid Yadolahi

44- Mohamad Hassan Yousefpour

According to HARANA the following six people have now been moved to solitary confinement:

Saeid Matinpour, Amir Khosro Dalisani, Houtan Dolati, Siyamak ghaderi, Mohamad Ebrahimi and Ebrahim Babaei

Sources: Kaleme and HRANA

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