Outspoken Documentary Film Maker And Writer Mohamad Nourizad Has Been Summoned

Mohamad Nourizad

Outspoken documentary film maker, writer and former political prisoner, Mohamad Nourizad, has posted on his Facebook that he has been summoned by Court.

On July 15, Mohamad Nourizad went to visit a 4 year old Baha’i boy who’s parents are imprisoned because of their faith.

Nourizad posted an account of this visit on his site with a picture of him kissing the little boy’s feet. He wrote: “My little boy, I apologize to you on behalf of all of those who, in these Islamic years, have persecuted you and your fellow Baha’is.”

“I told him, when the pope, the leader of the world’s Catholics, bends, washes, and kisses the feet of a young Muslim offender girl, why shouldn’t I kiss your heavenly feet as a representative of the vast apparatuses of the Leader of the Muslim world and it’s row after row of Shi’ite sources of emulation?”

Yesterday, Nourizad also reported on his site that his wife’s passport, laptop and other personal items were confiscated at the airport by authorities without a warrant.

Following is the translation of his Facebook post regarding his summons:

“This morning I received a summons. The charge stated on the summons was “insulting the Book of God”. They have given me three days to report to Tehran’s District Court number 23.

I’ve been summoned to court many times over these Green years, and each time I go with my bag packed. This time I will pack my bag also. Not because I don’t want to be sent to prison unprepared, but because this packing of my bag, in itself, is a form of diving in the sky whose very oxygen is laden with the “Future”.

There are a lot of things in my bag. From pen and paper to clothing. If they take all of these away from me, my “Smile” is still with me.

And it has been some years that I, with a smile, have welcomed any danger and hardship with open arms.

Mohamad Nourizad
July 20, 2013, Tehran

Source: Mohamad Nourizad’s Facebook

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