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“My Son Is Under Pressure To Give False Confession” Says Father Of Political Prisoner Pezhman Zafarmand

Political prisoner Pezhman Zafarmand’s father, Hassan Zafarmand, tells the National-Religious website, “A few days ago I was finally able to visit my son for a few minutes in the presence of security guards. He was in a very bad shape, looked very pale, and hardly had the strength to talk.

He said he had been on hunger strike for 45 days. He looked in a terrible shape. He said his hands were feeling numb, and he could barely move them. He said he has been under pressure to give a televised confession.

Pezhman has told them he has not done anything wrong to make a confession about. He told them he has participated in a legal election and was one of the candidates’ campaign activist. It was something that many knew about and was nothing to hide, therefore, what is there for him to make a confession of?”

Pezhman Zafarmand was an activist at Mohamad Reza Aref’s presidential campaign headquarters in East Tehran prior to Aref’s withdrawal from the race. After that, he became an activist in Hassan Rohani’s presidential campaign.

Zafarmand was previously arrested in 2009 and 2010 for participating in the street protests. He was also arrested on October 30, 2012, along with Mehdi Khazali and a number of other activists and journalists, at the Pen Society’s meeting but was released after some time.

Hassan Zafarmand continues, “Pezhman was arrested right after the presidential election. After his arrest, we were unable to find any information about his status. After much follow up, we found out he was incarcerated in Ward 240 of Evin prison.

Pezhman has been arrested several times now. His life has been shattered despite all of his activities being within the frame work of the law, and all public.

He was very upset and said that, every time something happens, they come and arrest him. The first time, he was arrested right after the 2009 presidential election. Then they rearrested him in 2010 and then at the Pen society’s meeting in 2012 and now he is in this condition.”

After Pezhman Zafarmand was arrested at the Pen Society’s meeting, he was tried at Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment by Judge Salavati.

Mr. Zafarmand, not knowing what his son’s current charges are, said, “I still don’t know what he is being charged with, but he is still going under interrogations and I have no idea why it has taken so long. He was not able to talk about it at our meeting either. I still don’t know why they arrested him.

Is working in a presidential campaign, even for Mr. Rouhani, whose candidacy they had themselves confirmed, a crime?

All of Pezhman’s activities were public and he, along with other activists did a lot of campaigning (for the then candidate Mr. Rouhani). I don’t know why they arrested him?

They know very well that Pezhman has done nothing but to support and work in Mr. Rouhani’s campaign. Is it right for them to confront the youth of this country who do nothing but contribute towards the progress of their country and then try to extract false confessions?”

Mr. Zafarmand continued, “His latest arrest has nothing to do with the sentence they had given him before. None of the authorities give us an answer as to what his charges are and why is he under so much pressure.

Rather than help a young activist build a life, instead they are making his life miserable with this sort of confrontation. We all participated in this revolution and our aim was to build our country, not for some individuals to take control of everything and do what ever they deem right.

What I am saying is that, why do this to my son when he hasn’t done anything wrong? He has the right to a normal life. Release him and use his energy towards advancement of the country. Why should the youth that can serve the people and the country suffer and be imprisoned?

This is not only what I am asking for, but it is what all the other Iranian parents are asking for. These young men and women should not be imprisoned at all, much less being released with broken arms and legs after the imprisonment.

I as a father and as an Iranian citizen, was active in our revolution, and have worked very hard for many years for this country. My goal was for my son to comfortably live in an advanced country, not for him to be arrested & imprisoned for no reason.”

In conclusion Mr. Zafarmand, wishing for the release of all the political prisoners, adds, “Not the United States, not Israel nor any other country cares as much for this country as we the Iranians do. It is Iran and it’s people. We are one big family called Iran. We have to take care of ourselves and build a progressive country.

Every person strives to live a comfortable and honorable life. But not to be humiliated and harassed. These conditions we have now are not what is called living. Death is better than living under these circumstances. Why should we have to suffer and endure so much pain?

When they arrest someone, that person has a father, has a mother, has friends and relatives. Just think, with each arrest they make, how many enemies they do make for themselves.

Instead of promoting friendship and love, with these wrong actions we are promoting hostility and hatred. We are just making more enemies. For God’s sake where are we going?

I hope before it’s too late they release all those they have imprisoned so we can all hand-in-hand protect our country against external enemies and build a better country day by day.”

It should also be noted that another one of those arrested around the presidential election, Akbar Amini, is also under pressure to give a false confession.

Source: National-Religious website