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A Message From Vahed Kholosi A Former Prison Mate Of On-Hunger-Strike Hossein Ronaghi Maleki

Banned from education, activist Vahed Kholosi, was along side Hossein Ronaghi, as one of the Sarand earthquake relief camp volunteers. They went to the earthquake-stricken area of Azarbaijan to lend a hand to the people affected by this national disaster. He has written a note about what recent days are reminding him of.

His bitter words describe how the shame of remaining silent now, is harder then enduring being imprisoned, and how one can sometimes miss being in solitary confinement:

“In 2011, on nights like this, for the crime of being banned from education, I was trying to get a blanket for my first night in solitary confinement in IRGC’s Ward 2-A. The solitary confinement lasted 21 days followed by a 5 year imprisonment sentence.

In 2012, on nights like this, for the crime of helping the earthquake-stricken people, I was being beaten by the Tabriz Intelligence Ministry’s agents, and after that I received a 2 year imprisonment sentence.

In 2013, on this night, for the very crime of being, I am still alive and busy browsing the news. That news makes it more difficult to bear the shame of staying silent more than any arrest or exile:

– Hossein Ronaghi and his mother are on hunger strike.

– The death of humans and humanity in the chemical attacks in Syria.

– Executions after executions and more executions.

– The imprisonment of my brother “Navid Khanjani” behind those cold walls.

– The loss of someone dear, Rashid Esmaili

– Bombings, explosions, death, Iraq, Afghanestan, Pakestan, Syria, and……

– The incarceration and enchainment of many liberty seeking Iranians.

– The political circus whose ticket price has become the sap of the soul of humans.

And what has the this world inflicted upon you for you to miss being in a solitary confinement cell, so you won’t hear any more, you won’t see any more, you don’t suffer pain any more, eat your food, perform your prayers, just go to sleep without a thought of the future.”

Vahed Kholosi
August 23, 2013

Vahed Kholosi also wrote about Hossein Ronaghi in another short note:

“Many years ago when I was barred from education, he became my friend. I later saw him in Evin, and he became my strength.

He was granted furlough, but didn’t stay inactive. The Mother Land was mournful due to the earthquake, and Hossein felt he owed the earthquake-stricken people.

Before my eyes, they kicked his sides, hitting his ill kidneys. I was distraught, but their sick conscience was not distraught.

Hossein is in poor health and is on hunger strike, because Justice is hungry and sick. Hossein is loosing his hearing because the ruling apparatuses are deaf.

Hossein suffers from an impaired nervous system, because the country’s Judiciary system has become disordered.

Hossein is suffering from severe convulsions, like not only Iran but the whole Middle East has become convulsive.

We had the same interrogator, our fate now is the same. O you people who boasted of being in the war zone, grant Hossein medical furlough, and experience humanity again.”

Vahed Kholosi
Thursday August 29, 2013
11:10 PM

Source: Azadegan Blog