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Ward 350 Political Prisoners: We Are Witnessing The Gradual Death Of One Of Our Cellmates

15 political prisoners incarcerated in Evin Ward 350 have written to Chief Judiciary Ayatollah Amoli Larijani voicing their concernm and warning him about the dire health condition of on-hunger strike political prisoner Hossein Ronaghi Maleki.

Hossein Ronaghi was arrested on December 13, 2009, during the unrest that followed the disputed presidential election of 2009. His arrest and sentencing to 15 years imprisonment, were on charges of: Spreading Propaganda Against the Establishment, Insulting The Leader and the Head of the Government , and membership in the internet group (Iran Proxy).

Ronaghi was also sentenced to an additional 2 1/2 years imprisonment for involvement in the Sarand camp earthquake volunteer workers’ case.
He suffered severe kidney damage during interrogations, and has undergone surgery several times. Hossein launched a hunger strike on August 28 protesting the officials disregard for his health condition and failure to transfer him to a hospital for proper treatment.

One week after Ronaghi started his hunger strike his mother, Zokaikha Mousavi, also launched a hunger strike protesting the Judicial authorities neglecting her son’s situation.

Following is the text of their letter as provided to the Kaleme website:

In the name of the Almighty,

Along with the countless suffering that we are faced with in prison, recently, we are witnessing the gradual death of our cellmate, Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, whose candle of life is bit by bit melting down.

He suffers from a multitude of illnesses. He has gone under 7 kidney operations during the 4 years that he has been imprisoned. Each time, his condition after the surgery was considered successful. But, due to his return back to prison, and the lack of facilities essential for his treatment in prison, he regressed back to pre-operative status, or even worse.

Due to lack of in-prison treatment, and as the last resort available to him, he launched a hunger strike more than 25 days ago, which has aggravated his condition.

On August 24, Hossein was taken to Hasheminejad hospital, where after examination by their physicians for his kidney problems, hospitalization was recommended. Also, on August 28, he was taken to Modares hospital with gastrointestinal problems. There also, after examination by doctors, immediate hospitalization was recommended.

Despite objections by the doctors, the accompanying agents prevented his hospitalization and returned him back to prison.

The result of the doctors’ examinations and recommendations from Hasheminejad hospital, along with his previous medical files, were sent to the medical examiners office. The medical examiners office forwarded their recommendation to the district attorney’s office on August 28.

The medical examiners office has several times previously notified the district attorney’s office about Ronaghi’s grave health situation. But, despite his dire health condition and the dangerous worsening of his condition, the officials have made no attempt to hospitalize him. Instead of acting responsibly, they seem to be acting in spite of this patient.

Once, the officials, in response to his complaint told him, and another time told his father that, at most, he will die in prison and, after few days of media noise, everything will end and become quiet.

Unfortunately, this approach is from the people in an organization, under your management, that claim are enforcing Islamic laws and Divine justice.

Currently Mr. Ronaghi suffers from the following conditions as listed in his medical records:

– Kidney failure and obstruction of the ureter

– Infections and blood in the urine

– Enlargement of the prostate and bladder inflammation

– Stomach and digestive tract bleeding

– Cardiac angina, extreme low blood pressure, and high heart rate

Mr, Amoli Larijani.

You are well aware that according to Sharia and legal regulatory requirements, and the Bureau Of The Prisons rules and regulations, medical treatment is an obvious right of an ill prisoner and providing it is the responsibility of the prison officials, the officials at the district attorney’s office and the Judiciary Branch, and delay in providing it has religious and legal liability.

We give warning, serious warning, that the life of a man in Ward 350 is in danger, and with much worry and concern we announce that this warning letter may soon become a new witness statement.

We strongly urge you, before it’s too late, and a human life is sacrificed for the ignorance and negligence of officials at the district attorney’s office, to act immediately, for tomorrow may be too late.

The signatories:

Amir Khosro Dalirsani

Mohamad Davari

Alireza Rejaei

Sayad Ahmad Hashemi

Saeed Madani

Mohsen Mirdamadi

Abdollah Momeni

Sayd Alireza Beheshti

Ghorban Behzadnejad

Emad Bahavar

Mohamad Amin Hadavi

Masoud Pedram

Ali Khodabakhsh

Mohamad Hassan Yousefi

Source: Kaleme