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93 Days Since Arrest, Political Prisoner Akbar Amini Still Banned From Visits And Phone Calls

Akbar Amini

After 93 days since the arrest of activist Akbar Amini, his status is unknown and his family has not been permitted to visit him in prison.

A family member of Akbar Amini, who wished to remain anonymous, told HRANA that, “During this period, Akbar was permitted to phone his family only one rime a week after his arrest. Since then no visit or phone calls have been permitted.

Yesterday (Saturday September 6) a family member went to Evin attempting to visit him. He stayed there until about noon time, but was told not to wait because Akbar is not permitted visitors.”

He also said, “We have heard that Akbar is in solitary confinement in Ward 209.”

On February 14 2011, after the now detained Green leaders had called for a mass protest, Amini protested by climbing atop a crane in Tehran holding Green Movement symbols. He was arrested after a few hours and taken to Evin prison. Later he was tried and sentenced to one year imprisonment. He was released after completion of that one year term. After that release, he was arrested and summoned several times more prior to this latest arrest.

Recently Amini received a summons from the Revolutionary Court informing him his 5 years imprisonment sentence (stemming from his arrest at the Writers Association meeting) had been upheld by the Appeals Court causing his 1 year suspended sentence issued previously to also be enforced.

Akbar Amini’s last arrest was on June 7, 2013 in a raid of his home.

Source: HRANA

PS: Jaras site (here) had reported previously that Akbar Amini is under pressure by the interrogators for the purpose of obtaining a false televised confession.