Update on missing student activist Arash sadeghi

Has Arash Sadeghi been released or has he not? The online Iranian community is abase debating the issue.

On October 16 the sister of political prisoner Mostafa Nili, on her Facebook posted: “Arash Sadeghi has been released on 500 Million Toman bail.” No other source or any of the news sites confirmed or reported this news.

Today amidst much emotion displayed by many who have followed the case of Arash Sadeghi, his Facebook status was updated.

Arash Sadeghi’s last arrest was on January 15, 2012; his last Facebook update prior to this recent update was on January 14, 2012. His profile picture was changed yesterday, and he posted a status today in which he confirms he has been released on bail.

There has been many rumors and controversy over Arash’s case, with some people, who call themselves Arash’s friends, denying he was in prison, at the same time others confirmed he was in prison.

The most controversial statement about Arash’s case came from the Judiciary Spokesman, Mohseni Ajee, who last month said the prison system did not have a prisoner named Arash Sadegh.

Ajee’s statement was in contradiction with interviews given by Arash Sadeghi’s grandfather and father. During the time period that the Judiciary Spokesman denied Arash was in prison, Arash’s grandfather had in fact visited him in Evin. After his last visit with Arash, the grandfather said: “Arash was extremely thin, had lost a lot of weight, had shaved head and was hardly recognizable”.

Arash Sadeghi, in his status update on Facebook, speaks a bit about the controversy surrounding his case and confirms that he has been released on bail. He says that those who doubted his imprisonment or his release on bail can follow up with the Judiciary on Saturday and find out the facts.

He said that he has been in Zanjan, his father’s birthplace for a few days since his release. To prove he has been released, he will be in front of the Court building during the trial of imprisoned student activist Maryam Shafipour.

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