The Appeals Court Has Sentenced Journalists and HR activist Kurdpour Brothers To Imprisonment

Kurdpour brothers

A year after their arrest, journalist brothers, Masoud and Khosro Kurdpour have been sentenced to imprisonment by the Appeals Court.

Khosro Kurdpour was arrested on March 7, 2013 in Mahabad, and two days later his brother Masoud was arrested after going to the Intelligence Ministry’s office in Mahabad to do a follow up on his brother’s case.

After 8 months of imprisonment, Masoud and Khosro Kurdpour were put on trial by the Revolutionary Court in Mahabad, presided by Judge Javad Kiya, and after 3 trial sessions they were sentenced to a total of 9.5 years imprisonment.

Masoud Kurdpour was sentenced to a total of three and a half years. 3 years on the charge of “assembly and collusion with intend to act against the national security”, plus six months on the charge of “propaganda against the regime”.

Khosro Kurdpour was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment on the charge of “involvement in assembling groups for the purpose of protests”, and one year imprisonment on the charge of “propaganda against the regime” and 2 years forced exile living in the city of Kerman.

Osman Mozayen, one of Kurdpour brothers’ lawyers, wrote in a post on his Facebook, “Khosro Kurdpour’s sentence has been reduced to 5 years imprisonment, to be served in Tabriz prison, and Masoud Kurdpour’s sentenced reduced to 3 years imprisonment”.

He also said that despite numerous requests by the Kurdpour brothers for a furlough, their request has been rejected each time by the court.

Source: Kurdpa


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