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Shocking Letter By Incarcerated Political Prisoner Abolfazl Abedini To Judiciary Chief

Abolfazl Abedini

Political prisoner Abolfazl Abedini, who was illegally transferred from Evin prison to Karoon prison in Ahvaz, has written a letter to the Judiciary Chief, Ayatollah Amoli Larijani detailing his violent arrest, the hardships he has suffered during imprisonment, and his sudden transfer to Ahvaz.

Following is the text of Abedini’s letter to Ayatollah Larijani:

Your excellency Ayatollah Amoli Larijani, Chief Judiciary,


Following is a letter written by a young man who, four years ago in a court under your jurisdiction, was sentenced to twelve years imprisonment, and, in the last four years, has each day faced new and more complex penalties.

The honorable Ayatollah Amoli Larijani,

Many times in response to criticism from the human rights associations and the international organizations you have spoken of the Islamic Human Rights. Aside from the meaning of this interpretation, there is a contrast between facts and claims in the judicial cases that we see. I ponder the point that, it is apparent that we don’t really believe it when we say, “humans are the noblest of the creatures, and are endowed with magnanimity”.

Four years ago, the enforcers of your excellency’s branch, raided my home without a warrant, invaded our privacy, and assaulted and beat my family members who were asking them to uphold the rule of law and show a warrant.

Your excellency is well aware that according to the Constitution, the Code of criminal procedures and the Civil Rights Act of the Islamic Republic, this method of behavior is illegal and inconsistent with the rule of law and is contrary to human dignity.

The honorable Chief Judiciary,

Aside from the method used in arresting this accused, when I was rolling in pain from being hit and kicked, and from the blows with a cable to my frail feet, again the terms of “civil rights” and “the rights of the accused” were dancing before my eyes and in my mind. That how could the people who thought of themselves as the enforcers of the Justice Department have made such a mockery of it all.

Needless to say, all of this violence and beatings were as a result of me not accepting the charges that were unfounded and not true, with the hopes that I would receive justice, from all this injustice, in a court of law.

After some months, and after suffering things that I do not find permissible to mention and find speaking of them an insult to my own human dignity, and an insult to our nation and country, finally I appeared before the Court.

Describing the calamity of what occurred during the arrest and interrogation sessions to a Court which did not even permit me to consult with my lawyer, was to no avail and had no effect on the already decided matter at the bench.

Twelve years imprisonment was determined as my punishment as compensation for all my activities to benefit my country, battling all with thoughts of or actions towards separatism, and defense of labor rights.

The sound of the Judge’s hammer hitting the Bench of Justice made me realize that the trial and sentencing was apparently over.

At age twenty seven, I became a captive, and when the pages of my life’s calendar next turn, it will show the number fourty.

Ayatollah Amoli Larijani,

Suppose that the end result of all of my endeavors for the benefit of my nation resulted in twelve years captivity. But, why, when I have chosen to breath the air of my dear Iran, even behind bars, over any other option, then must I be under continued pressure and hardship applied by those who inflict them?

Why is my family threatened with arrest? Why, while I am imprisoned, new sentences are issued for me? Why, now that I have accepted this great injustice and am studying in prison for about a year now, they have plundered my mental wellbeing with overt and hidden threats? And why did they suddenly increase my sentence without a trial and exiled me to another city?

Your excellency Ayatollah Amoli Larijani,

Your honor is well aware that once before I was exiled after testifying in Sattar Beheshti’s case. And now for the second time, in the middle of my studying term, once again I have been lashed with this injustice.

What has been inflicted upon me, from the day of my arrest until now that I am incarcerated in Ahvaz prison, is replete with injustice, and a disregard for human dignity and civil and religious rights.

My case is the symbol of human rights violations and arbitrarily and illegal decisions. Ask your enforcers and the Revolutionary Court why, after issuing such heavy and unjust sentence, do they not leave me alone.

The honorable Judiciary Chief,

Yet, I am sure you are aware that prison terms over 10 years must be appealed and reviewed by the Supreme Court. This has not occurred in my case in the last four years.

Now, bewildered from this injustice, and helpless as to which court of law I must take this injustice to. So, with my deteriorating health, I have put my life on the line, and have embarked on a hunger strike so perhaps some justice seeking ears, or visionary eyes may pay attention to my story, so the “end result” of this case may become a testimony of what is called “the candor of the Islamic human rights”.

Abolfazl Abedini Nasr
Karoon Prison, Ahvaz
July 30, 2013

Source: Kaleme

10 Political Prisoners In Solitary Confinement Have Launched A Hunger Strike

10 political prisoners incarcerated in solitary confinement in Evin Ward 240 have launched a hunger strike following the prison officials’ failure to fulfill their promise to return them to the General Ward 350.

Incarcerated in solitary confinement and demanding to be returned to Ward 350, the following prisoners have launched an open ended hunger strike.

1 – Saeed Madani
2 – Abdollah Momeni
3 – Abolfazl Abedini Nasr
4 – Siyamak Ghaderi
5 – Amir Khosro Dalirsani
6 – Mohamad Hassan Yousefpour Seifi
7 – Saeed Abedini
8 – Kamran Ayazi
9 – Mohamad Ebrahimi
10-Poriya Ebrahimi

Following the transfer of these 10 political prisoners to solitary confinement on Sunday April 28, they had announced they would launch a hunger strike. But due to requests from their fellow prisoners and promises made by the officials, had delayed the launch of their hunger strike. However, due to failure of the officials to keep their promise to move them back to Ward 350, they started their hunger strike as of Monday night.

Reports indicate that these 10 prisoners are in complete isolation and are deprived of basic rights and recess time outside of their cell.

On Monday, the regular visitation day, the families of these prisoners were denied visits with them. Also on Monday, political prisoner Mohamad Amin Hadavi, in protest of the treatment of the 10 prisoners. refused to go to the visitation room .

According to reports, some of these prisoners are in poor health condition:
Saeed Madani is in need of gallbladder surgery.
Abdollah Momeni is suffering from kidney, gums and teeth problems.
Abolfazl Abedini Nasr is suffering from kidney and heart condition.
Saeed Abedini is suffering from gastrointestinal and digestive problems.
Mohamad Ebrahimi has a lung problem.

These prisoners have remained in solitary confinement since April 28, and the Deputy Warden, Javad Momeni, has made additional threats against them. Also, the Judiciary officials have told the wife of Abdollah Momeni that these prisoners will remain in solitary for 20 days.

Source: Kaleme