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On Hunger Strike Dr. Mehdi Khazali, Suffered A Heart Attack And Admitted To A Hospital

Following is translation of a Facebook post by Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s son, Mohamad Saleh Khazali:

It is now 3:00 am on the first day of Ramadan.

Friday night I heard that father is in dire health. I became very upset and tried very hard to get help for him.

Today (Saturday June 28), they informed us that my father has been taken to the emergency room at Imam Khomeini hospital.

Immediately we went to the hospital. When we arrived, I met with a very frail father who has lost about 18 kilos in 8 days of being on hunger strike, and whose voice could barely be heard because of a dry mouth & throat.

Dr Mehdi Khazali - June 28, 2014

Dr Mehdi Khazali – June 28, 2014

The doctors insisted on connecting him to an IV but he refused.

About an hour ago we received the results of his EKG. They told him, yesterday, when he stopped breathing, he had suffered a heart attack and must immediately be admitted to CCU.

As a result of not drinking water, his blood had thickened and this is the reason for the heart attack.

It was the responsibility of Rejaei Shahr prison’s infirmary to attend to him, but unfortunately their job has become attending to the executed and doing the ritual wash of the dead. They are not familiar with providing care for the ill.

My father asked me about the news coverage of his case. He said that he is doing his duty, and hopes to God that those on the outside perform their duty well.

I complained about the news coverage regarding his case and told him that the domestic sites totally censor any news about him, because they have been ordered not to publish anything about him.

But I don’t understand why the news sites outside of the country are not giving his case much coverage.

I have one thing to say: Those who doubt and question his hunger strike, please go to the emergency room at Imam Khomeini hospital and see for yourselves what being on hunger strike has done to him.

You can then see a person who until last week was mountain climbing, and now in one week’s time barely has the strength to walk.

On the first dawn of Ramadan, I ask all our friends and associated to please pray for the health and release of my father and the release of all the political prisoners and for our society to gain wisdom.

And it is only for us to deliver the Manifest Message. (Quran, Ya-Sin: 17)

Mohamad Saleh Khazali
Son of Dr. Mehdi Khazali
Sunday June 29, 2014
3:40 am

Dr. Mehdi Khazali was arrested by the Intelligence Ministry’s special forces on June 21, while he was on a family trip in Mazandaran (N. Iran). He was transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison and incarcerated in the death row prisoners ward. He started his hunger strike upon arrest.

Source: Azadegan

Two More Members Of The Association Of Writers Sentenced To Imprisonment

Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Pirabbasi, has sentenced Mohsen Ghashghaei to 2 years imprisonment on charges of assembly and collusion with intent to act against the national security.

Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Ahmadi, has sentenced Mohamad Reza Ahmadi to 3 years imprisonment on the same charges of assembly and collusion with intent to act against the national security.

Mohamad Reza Ahmadi’s 1 year suspended sentence from a previous conviction, now becomes mandatory and will be enforced.

Previously, three members of the Association of Writers were sentenced to imprisonment. Akbar Amini was sentenced to 5 years, and Pezhman Zafarmand and Mohamad Parsi were each sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.

According to reports, the members of the Association of Writers have been under pressure, a number of them have been summoned by the Intelligence Ministry within the last few weeks, and many have received threatening phone calls.

Following a raid on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 on an Association of Writers meeting, seventy Association members were arrested. All except 17 members were released shortly thereafter. Those 17 members, including Dr. Mehdi Khazali, were transferred that night to Evin prison. Two other members, Pezhman Zafarmand and Mehdi Karimi, were later arrested by agents and taken to Evin prison.

Currently Dr. Mehdi Khazali is the only member that remains in Ward 209 of Evin prison, and is still on hunger strike

Source: Jaras

Three Members Of The Writers Association Sentenced To Imprisonment

A total of 11 years imprisonment and a 15 year ban on any political, civil and or online activity has been issued for three members of the Writers Association (Sarai Ahle Ghalam).

Following summons by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by Judge Salavati, three members of the Writers Association were handed sentences as follows:

Akbar Amini – Sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, 4 years on charges of assembly and collusion with the intent to act against the national security, and 1 year for propaganda against the establishment.

As part of his sentence Amini is also banned for 5 years from membership in any political party or group and banned from any online journalistic activities.

Amini was also under a one year suspended sentence from a previous conviction that now has become mandatory and will be enforced.

Pezhman Zafarmand – Sentenced to 3 years imprisonment on charges of assembly and collusion with the intent to act against the national security. Zafarmand is also banned from any political activity or any online journalistic activity for 5 years.

Mohamad Parsi – Sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, 2 years on charges of assembly and collusion with the intent to act against the national security, and 1 year on charges of propaganda against the establishment. Parsi is also placed on a 5 year ban from membership in any political party or group and any online journalistic activity.

About 70 people were arrested during a raid of the Writers Association meeting on October 30, 2012. Many were released shortly after, but 17 members were taken to Evin prison.

Dr. Mehdi Khazali was one of the members arrested that night. Currently he is the only member that is still incarcerated and is on a hunger strike protesting his illegal arrest and detention.

Pressure and threats continue against the members of the Writers Association since the night of the raid on their meeting. Other members have also been summoned by court.

Source: HRANA

Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s son: Some Say “Let Him Die” You Say You Are Doing This For Your People

Dissident blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali, on day 107 of his hunger strike, is still incarcerated in the high security Intelligence Ministry’s Ward 209 at Evin prison.

Dr. Khazali launched his hunger strike in protest of his illegal arrest and detention, and has vowed to remain on it until released from prison.

Dr. Khazali’s son Mohamad Saleh posted the following note on his Facebook last night:

Mohammad Saleh Khazali

Mohammad Saleh Khazali

“Thursday April 11 we went to visit with my father.

When, after two weeks of anxiety and stress, you go for a visit and you know that your dear one is on a hunger strike, and don’t know how he is doing, you become more sensitive to anything that occurs prior to the visit.

When we got there (Evin), an old man who has been working there at Ward 209 since the beginning of the Revolution and is a treasure chest of……… angrily said, “Go and come back next week.”

And after a bit of hesitation, as we look at him, thinking a thousand thoughts that something may have happened (for we know that there have been cases in the past when the family was notified days later).

Then the old man with an indescribable calmness picks up the phone and says, “Bring Mehdi Khazali.”

They then took us to visit my father, where we sat and see my father from behind the glass window and observed how each time he becomes weaker, and how difficult it is to see my father wasting away….

From afar, father was coming with a guard firmly holding his hand so he could walk. As he was getting nearer, at each one of the steps he took, it was as though my heart beat was injecting life within my being.

When you see your father shivering from being so weak while you know he is as warm as the sun and as strong as Damavand mountain and you know he will never succumb to tyranny. When we ask him to break his hunger strike telling him it is not good for his health, he answers, “I will stand till the end”. He deplores enslavement, and seeks liberty.

When I tell him that, those who consider themselves revolutionaries and loyal to the system, call you an anti-revolutionary who seeks to overthrow the regime, and those who are anti-revolution and want to overthrow the regime, consider you loyal to the system and the revolution.

Each group, with it’s own beliefs, attack you, and only thing that seems not to have any value here is the lives of human beings.

Those who claim that they can’t even hurt an ant, say; “Let him die”.

Many of the revolutionaries do not know that there is no one more revolutionary than you. And many opponents, calling themselves intellectuals and claiming freedom of speech and thoughts, oppose your notion to support the system and the revolution, even at the cost of the life of an innocent human being.

In your father’s home, they have created such an atmosphere as though you are an infidel deserving to be fought against, for they think you have raised your sword against Islam, God and Quran.

They have spread lies and falsehood among the people as though you are in a seven star hotel in Evin, enjoying luxury and having a merry old time, and are laughing at them.

Among your friends and acquaintances, they have done things to make them either nervous to say anything or have believed the lies the interrogators have told about you: that you were making easy money through your connections in high places and living a good life, and only became a critic after your means of easy income were cut-off.

One of your friends, who was arrested with you and was in Ward 209, after he was released, totally forgot about your friendship and carried out the interrogators’ orders by spreading lies about your wealth inside Iran and abroad, and many other false accusations that they have no problem in making, all paved the way for his case to be closed and not prosecuted. What else can I say…..

Despite all of these, you still say you are standing firm till the end.

I now have a question for you dear father, I am young and inexperienced but you are a vast endless ocean.

I ask you for whom are you doing this? You are prepared to give up everything (your wife and children), when you could have reached high places and high positions that your brothers could not have even dreamed of. Because they did not have your education, your experience nor your potential, they have only reached high places because of my grandfather’s position (Ayattollah Khazali).

But you, on day 103 of your hunger strike, in a 2 by 2 meter cell, firmly say, “I am standing until the end (with a sense of serenity that I have experienced all my life). You say, “I am doing this for my God, the Revolution and my people.”

To the best of my ability, I know God. I ask God to make me comprehend your ideology, for I still do not comprehend this ideology or that how far one can be loyal to an ideology.

I wasn’t there during the Revolution, I have only heard about it from you and your memories of my martyred uncle.

But I can understand the people. I do not want to resort to the Karbela and Kufa story (the battle of Karbela where Imam Hossein was killed by Yazeed and the people of Kufa despite their promise to support Imam Hossein betrayed him). But, some that used to be your close friends, now make me resort to the story of the people of Kufa.

If you are doing this for the people, it seems to me that, to change a society, the people must first change themselves.

They pre-occupy the people with poisonous propaganda. Unfortunately, the people themselves are not really after the truth, and (they) have pre-occupied them with the hardships of daily lives.

Dear father, I truly comprehend this last point!!!!”

Mohamad Saleh Khazali
Monday April 15, 2013
1:30 AM

Source: Azadegan Blog

My Father Remains on Hunger Strike, Says Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s Son

The following note was posted by Dr. Khazali’s son, Mohamad Saleh on his Facebook:

Early evening, around 7:30, my father called. Thank God his blood pressure and heart rate has become stable.

He said the night before they wanted to take him to the clinic to administer an IV, but he told them he was tired and wanted to sleep. He slept until noon the next day.

My father has lost about 30 kilos so far.

How sad I am from these feeble and unprincipled companions
I yearn for the Lion of God and the brave men
Saddened my soul has become from Pharaoh and his tyranny
I yearn for the shining light of the face of Moses son of Amram
Saddened I have become from these always whining and complaining people
I yearn for the drunken rants and raves and the roar of the souls


Mohamad Saleh Khazali
April 9, 2013
1:30 AM

Source: Azadegan Blog

A Number Of Writers Association Members Launch A Hunger Strike In Support Of Dr. Mehdi Khazali

In a show of support, a number of the Writers Association members and friends of Dr. Mehdi Khazali launched a hunger strike on Monday April 8, 2013, coinciding with the 100th day of Dr. Khazali’s hunger strike.

Following is translation of a statement released by them announcing the launch of their hunger strike:

In the name of the God of the martyrs and the truth tellers,

A political venue can only be acceptable if it has not surpassed the realm of humanity and still upholds the true meaning of ethics and the human rights.

At this time, it has been 100 days and nights since the start of the struggle of our friend and compatriot, Dr. Mehdi Khazali, who, based on his beliefs, began his hunger strike.


Dr, Khazali, a veteran of the Holy Defense war, and the son of Ayatollah Khazali (a former member of the Guardian Council, and a current member of the Assembly of Experts), following the example of his exalted Lord and Master, Aba Abdoulah (Imam Hossein), and to obtain his basic incontestable rights against the cruel oppressors, has had to resort to using the last bullet in his weapon.

This veteran of the Holy Defense war, who sees hunger strike as the last resort of the oppressed in the pursuit of their inalienable rights against the oppressor, is spending his 100th day of hunger strike in a small damp cell with a Somali pirate cellmate.

We, a number of friends and supporters of Dr. Khazali and a number of members of the Writers Association, announce launching a hunger strike as of Monday, April 8, 2013 in support of Dr. Khazali.

We will continue our hunger strike until such time that we receive reliable news of Dr. Khazali halting his hunger strike.

It is hoped that the authorities respect the rule of law and stop the detention of this noble Green activist who’s release order was issued two months ago.

We, the undersigned, considering the grave health condition of Dr. Khazali, ask all the kindhearted people and the human rights organizations to pay attention to and address this issue.

Considering his illegal imprisonment, we also feel that the responsibility for any consequences of this prolonged hunger strike, lie with all who have heard the voice of the oppressed asking for his rights but did not act, and perform their duty in this urgent matter.

The signatories:

Mohamad Bagher Moradi, Farshad Aswad, Amir Dabestani, Alireza Ghelichkhani, Ehsan Khanmohamadi, Arash Zaredar, Azar Taherabadi, Shirin Mirkarimi and Mohsen Rahmani

Source: Azadegan Blog

Imprisoned Regime Critic Blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali, In Grave Condition On Day 95 Of Hunger Strike

The following note was posted by Dr. Khazali’s son, Mohamad Saleh Khazali on his Facebook:

Greetings to all my dear friends and supporters, especially my father’s compatriots,

Yesterday evening my dad called, but before he had a chance to say anything, the phone was disconnected. Five minutes later he called again. His voice seemed weaker and strained. He said he had been taken to the medical clinic at Evin with blood pressure at 5 and heart rate at 37. An IV was administered.

The amount of hardship and torment that he suffers could be heard in his voice. I wish I could describe the tone of his voice!

Under these conditions even a healthy person should be admitted to CCU, much less my dad who had suffers from a heart condition. But apparently they wish something different for my dad.

My father spoke with that same sense of duty that he felt while fighting in the trenches of the war zone.

He always spoke of a sense of duty (we must perform our duty). Those unassuming men that, for the 96 months of the Holy Defense, gave of their lives and wealth, so injustice does not become prevalent over the people.

I emphasize that all the officials are aware of my father’s case and condition. Yes, all of them, without any exception.

They have once again changed my father’s cellmate. They have now placed a Somali pirate in his cell. The responsibility for my father’s life and well being lies with all the officials who are aware of his condition and deliberately are not doing anything.

My apologies to everyone for keeping them worried. I’m sorry for the delay in reporting his condition. Much gratitude and thanks for all your support and kindness.

In my father’s previous contact, he spoke of inviting Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjai to become a candidate for the next presidential election. He said Mr. Hashemi’s presence is the way to save the country from the dangers.

I’d like to make a confession. When I see the pain in my sisters’ and my little brother Ali’s eyes, and see the tears of my mother, I become very weary and skeptical and many other things become meaningless for me!

At that point, I ask God to give me the strength to comprehend how one can remain loyal to their ideology, even under such harsh circumstances.

May God grant grace
Mohamad Saleh Khazali

Hunger Striking Imprisoned Blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali In Dire Health On Eighty-Eighth Day Of Hunger Strike

On the eighty-eighth day of his hunger strike, incarcerated blogger, Dr. Mehdi Khazali is suffering from various health problems including a decreased heart rate.

This political prisoner, who was arrested October 30, 2012 during the Writers Association meeting, is being kept incarcerated while his release on bail order was issued more than a month ago (bail has also been posted by his family).

During these 88 days of hunger strike, Mehdi Khazali has been repeatedly taken to the prison clinic due to poor health conditions, and family members have serious concerns about his health.

A severe decrease in blood pressure, weight loss, extreme weakness, and vision problems are some of the health issues that this political prisoner is currently facing.

Dr. Khazali’s son has informed and warned all the relevant authorities about his father’s condition, including the Supreme Leader’s office, the Expediency Council, the Parliament, the Judiciary, and so on.

It has been said many times before that the intent of the continued detention of Dr. Khazali is to break his spirit.

Previously, they had placed a person accused of spying in his solitary cell for a while, and, per his son, currently he is sharing his solitary cell with a drug trafficker.

Source: GVF

Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s Son: At Any Moment My Father’s Heart May Stop Beating, Free My Dad

In the name of God the Avenger,

Today is 85 days since my father launched a hunger strike, and, at any moment, we may receive the horrible news.

I am saying this so no one can later claim that they didn’t know. All the officials know, and are even better informed about my father’s situation than I am. None of the officials, from the highest to the lowest rank, can ever claim they were not aware of my father’s situation.

The Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Khamenei) is also aware of my father’s case and situation. I myself have personally informed the Leader, the Special Investigator at the Leader’s office, the Expediency Council, the Imam’s office, the Judiciary and……of the details of my father’s case and his situation.

As my father had said before, and I, after pursuing my father’s case, have concluded that my father’s release is only possible by the direct order from the Supreme Leader. With the judge’s order for release, my father’s detention is illegal.

I am a son, my father’s absence is hard enough to bear, let alone losing him and being a witness to his martyrdom.

I don’t know how to say this? Should I scream? Should I self immolate? With what language will they be satisfied? Should I cry? Should I groan? Should I humbly request? Should I beg?

I don’t know how else to say; At any moment my father’s heart may stop beating, free my dad.

Mohamad Saleh Khazali
4 AM, Sunday March 24

Source: Azadegan Blog

Dr. Khazali’s daughter: I Don’t Know Whether You Even Realized When The New Year Arrived

Zainab KHazali with her father Dr. Mehdi Khazali

Zainab KHazali with her father Dr. Mehdi Khazali

Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s son Mohamad Saleh posted the following entry on his Facebook, a note that was written by his sister on the first day of the Iranian New Year.

A note for my dad from my sister’s heart:

Today is the first day of Farvardin (March 21) and the 83rd day of your hunger strike. Because clocks are prohibited in your cell, I don’t know whether you even realized at what moment the New Year arrived (Iranian New Year, the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator).

Here, at home we set our Haftsin table (Seven S’s, the traditional Iranian New Year celebration table consisting of seven items starting with the letter “S” each), but we only had your picture here with us.

Dr. Khazali's family Haftsin, New Year 1392 (March 20, 2013)

Dr. Khazali’s family Haftsin, New Year 1392 (March 20, 2013)

“My dear father, I know that you probably prepared Haftsin for yourself there and celebrated the arrival of the New Year, just like the time that you were in the war zone and prepared your haftsin with Simchin (wire cutter), Simonov (a type of gun), sarnaizeh (spears) and sehpayeh (tripod).

Today if you didn’t have seeb (apple), instead you had your cellool (cell). If you didn’t have Sabzeh (Greens), instead you have your Green ideology.

Today, your weapon is your pen. Perhaps the deep silence in your cell is also one of your S’s. A silence that contains many roars.

You had told us that your cell is very cold (sard), and the jailers even denied you the warm clothing that we brought for you.

Your sixth S may be the soldier’s (sarbaz) foot steps that can be heard in the silence of the prison halls.

And as for the last “S”, I will place your vast as an ocean heart (sineh), your love filled heart, on the Haftsin table.

Dear father, the moment of the New Year’s arrival, I closed my eyes and placed myself inside your solitary confinement prison cell.

That same part of heaven. That same place of solitude with the Beloved. And, despite your weak and feeble condition, how you warmly and passionately embraced me and sat me at your Haftsin table.”

Mohamad Saleh Khazali

Source: Azadegan Blog