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Protesting Dervish Women Attacked, Beaten & Many Arrested And Taken To Evin Prison

During today’s Gonabadi Dervishes protest, the protesting women were attacked and beaten with batons by security forces, resulting in a number of injuries. The injured women were arrested among the other protesters arrested today and were taken to Evin prison.

Gonabadi Dervishes news site, Majzooban Noor reports 250 people were arrested during the last two days of the Dervishes protest. The site has published the names of 173 people arrested who have been identified so far.

Among those taken to Evin prison with their mothers, were 3 children ages 1.5 to 11 years old.

The following female protesters were injured during the attack by the security guard but were taken to Evin prison regardless of their injuries:

– Parisa Islami, sister of incarcerated Dervishs’ lawyer Amir Islami. She suffered broken teeth as a result of being hit by the security guards.

– Attorney, Mrs. Allaei. she suffered skull fracture and severe facial bleeding.

– Manzar Malek suffered a broken hand.

– Nazila Nouri, a physician, and Sepideh Moradi daughter of incarcerated Gonabadi Dervish member Hamid Reza Moradi, both suffered severe bleeding from their head and face.

Source: Majzooban Noor


Denial Of Medical Treatment To Incarcerated Gonabadi Dervishes Lawyers

Not being sent to the hospital in time has caused hearing loss in the left ear of imprisoned lawyer Omid Behroozi, a member of the Gonabadi Dervishes.

This political prisoner has been imprisoned in Evin Ward 350 for fifteen months without being tried, is suffering from arthritis in his 5th and 6th vertebra and ear aches caused by blows to the head and neck during his arrest. Due to the harsh conditions of Evin Ward 240 solitary confinement, and the cold damp cells, his condition has worsened.

Behroozi was incarcerated in solitary confinement at Ward 240 for sixty days and the officials ignored his pleas regarding his health condition. They even refused to deliver blankets to him. This inattention to his condition has caused damage to the auditory nerve in his left ear.

It is noteworthy that after repeated requests for treatment, he was examined by doctors at Taleghani hospital and was told his condition can easily be treated by medication such as Cortone.

Afshin Karampour, Farshid Yadollahi and Amir Aslani are the other Gonabadi Dervishes lawyers that are held in Ward 350 that are deprived of needed medical treatment and attention.

Farshid Yadollahi has been waiting 13 months to receive dental treatment, and has been waiting 5 months to be sent to hospital for surgery.

Amir Aslani was sent to Masih Daneshvar hospital in September for treatment of a heart condition but due to prison officials refusing to pay for the cost, he did not receive treatment and has been suffering with heart condition for three months.

For over a year, Afshin Karampour has lost his mobility due to a torn tendon in his leg and is suffering in Ward 350 without ever having been tried.

Source: Kalameh

Seventeen Gonabadi Dervishes Have Been Summoned By The Revolutionary Court In Shiraz

Seventeen Gonabadi Dervishes from city of Kovar have been summoned to the criminal branch of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, on charges of acting against national security, disturbing public order, assault and battery and carrying of illegal weapon.

According to Majzooban Nour reporter, Misters Mehrdad Keshavarz, Omidali Akbaritabar, Mohamad Ali Shamshirzan, Mohamad Ali Dehghan, Gholamali Bairami, Amir Hamzeh Dehghan, Mohamad Ali Sadeghi, Behyar Rajabi, Kazem Dehghan, Seyed Ebrahim Bahrami, Abozar Malekpour, Abdolreza Aarayesh, Mohamad Aarayesh, Hamid Aarayesh, Mohsen Esmaeili, Manoochehr Zare and Aman Cheraghi are the members of Gonabadi Dervishes order that have been summoned to the criminal branch of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, on July 28, 2012, on charges of acting against national security, disturbing public order, assault and battery and carrying of illegal weapon.

According to this report, these summons were delivered by phone which has no legal grounds.

It should be noted that previously seventeen Gonabadi Dervishes members from city of Kovar were also summoned to the criminal court, presided by Judge Hemati, in Kovar city, on charges of Moharebeh (enmity against God), corruption agents on earth, and carrying of illegal weapons.

But, after referring their cases to the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, the dervishes were acquitted of charges of waging war against God and corruption agents on earth.

Three of these Dervishes, Misters Hamidreza Aarayesh, Mohamad Ali Shamshirzan and Kazem Dehghan were incarcerated in Adelabad prison in Shiraz for five months.

Misters Kazem Dehghan and Hamid Aarayesh were released from Adelabad prison on July 12, 2012 on bail of 150 Million Tomans each.

But Mr. Mohamad Ali Shamshirzan remains incarcerated despite bail of 50 Million Tomans set for him by Judge Kheshti of the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz, due to lack of approval of his bail by the Prosecutor.

Following last year’s raids by the security and plainclothes forces on the homes and businesses of dervishes residing in city of Kovar, more than 100 Dervishes were arrested, dozens were injured and one Dervish was seriously injured and was martyred as a result of excessive bleeding. And since then a new wave of pressure has been inflicted on the Dervishes.

Source: Majzooban