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Mohamad Metaji arrested for Texting MP’s Asking For Release Of Green Leaders, His Parents Summoned

Mohamad Metaji

Parents of Mohamad Metaji who sent text messages to MP Hadad Adel and other MPs asking for the release of under house arrest Green leaders have been summoned to Branch 2 of Evin Court.

Following text message sent to MP Hadad Adel by Mohamad Metaji in support of the Green Movement leaders, the magistrate at Branch 2 of Evin Court, Alireza Khorshidi issued an arrest warrant for him on December 24, 2013 which led to his arrest and imprisonment at Ward 350 of Evin prison.

Despite Judge Khorshidi issuing order for release-on-bail for Metaji, not only was he not released, but his mother was summoned to court on January 14, 2014 and interrogated. Initially, magistrate Khorshidi had intended to issue arrest warrant for Metaji’s mother, but ultimately released her on bail.

Magistrate Khorshidi also summoned Metaji’s father on January 15, and threatened to issue an arrest warrant for him.

Concerns are that magistrate Khorshidi, like many other judges in the Judiciary system operates under the influence of the Intelligence apparatuses, such that the result of sending a text message to an MP led to the arrest of the sender and the summoning of his parents.

The fact that a request made by a citizen from a Parliament member, however bold it may have been, was faced with such harsh reaction from the officials shows the lack of interest on the part of the Representatives in the voters’ wishes, and shows their collaboration with the intelligence apparatuses in pressing charges against the citizens.

This sort of behavior and reaction from the officials shows the sheer intolerance of the ruling system for any criticism from the citizens.

Source: Kaleme