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2 Men Were Hanged On Charges Of “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”

Two prisoners were hanged in Rasht (N.Iran) on charges of “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”.

According to the Central News Agency, Director of Public Relations of the Judiciary of Gilan province announced two men, ages 28 and 30, were hanged in Rasht’s central prison today, on charges of unlawful acts against Sharia Law, which in legal terms covers a variety of charges.

In the Islamic Republic’s Penal Code, “Acts Against Sharia Law” is a general term used for a number of acts that are considered unlawful according to the Sharia Law.

These acts encompass any action that has been forbidden by law and by the Islamic Sharia Law. Based on this, all of the actions that are considered a crime in the Sharia Law, such as the below list but not limited to this list are considered “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”:

– Lavat (sexual relations between two men)

– Masaheghe (sexual relations between two women)

– Zana (sexual relations outside of a marriage between a man and a woman)

– Moharebeh (enmity against God)

– Consumption of alcoholic beverages

– Sabolnabi (Insulting the Prophet and the Saints)

– Theft

– Ghazf (accusing others of Lavat)

And other unlawful acts that are encompassed by the general terms “Unlawful Acts Against Sharia Law”.

The specific charges of the 2 men hanged in Rasht on charges of unlawful acts against Sharia Law are not clear.

Source: HRANA