Dr. Mehdi Khazali’s son: Some Say “Let Him Die” You Say You Are Doing This For Your People

Dissident blogger Dr. Mehdi Khazali, on day 107 of his hunger strike, is still incarcerated in the high security Intelligence Ministry’s Ward 209 at Evin prison.

Dr. Khazali launched his hunger strike in protest of his illegal arrest and detention, and has vowed to remain on it until released from prison.

Dr. Khazali’s son Mohamad Saleh posted the following note on his Facebook last night:

Mohammad Saleh Khazali

Mohammad Saleh Khazali

“Thursday April 11 we went to visit with my father.

When, after two weeks of anxiety and stress, you go for a visit and you know that your dear one is on a hunger strike, and don’t know how he is doing, you become more sensitive to anything that occurs prior to the visit.

When we got there (Evin), an old man who has been working there at Ward 209 since the beginning of the Revolution and is a treasure chest of……… angrily said, “Go and come back next week.”

And after a bit of hesitation, as we look at him, thinking a thousand thoughts that something may have happened (for we know that there have been cases in the past when the family was notified days later).

Then the old man with an indescribable calmness picks up the phone and says, “Bring Mehdi Khazali.”

They then took us to visit my father, where we sat and see my father from behind the glass window and observed how each time he becomes weaker, and how difficult it is to see my father wasting away….

From afar, father was coming with a guard firmly holding his hand so he could walk. As he was getting nearer, at each one of the steps he took, it was as though my heart beat was injecting life within my being.

When you see your father shivering from being so weak while you know he is as warm as the sun and as strong as Damavand mountain and you know he will never succumb to tyranny. When we ask him to break his hunger strike telling him it is not good for his health, he answers, “I will stand till the end”. He deplores enslavement, and seeks liberty.

When I tell him that, those who consider themselves revolutionaries and loyal to the system, call you an anti-revolutionary who seeks to overthrow the regime, and those who are anti-revolution and want to overthrow the regime, consider you loyal to the system and the revolution.

Each group, with it’s own beliefs, attack you, and only thing that seems not to have any value here is the lives of human beings.

Those who claim that they can’t even hurt an ant, say; “Let him die”.

Many of the revolutionaries do not know that there is no one more revolutionary than you. And many opponents, calling themselves intellectuals and claiming freedom of speech and thoughts, oppose your notion to support the system and the revolution, even at the cost of the life of an innocent human being.

In your father’s home, they have created such an atmosphere as though you are an infidel deserving to be fought against, for they think you have raised your sword against Islam, God and Quran.

They have spread lies and falsehood among the people as though you are in a seven star hotel in Evin, enjoying luxury and having a merry old time, and are laughing at them.

Among your friends and acquaintances, they have done things to make them either nervous to say anything or have believed the lies the interrogators have told about you: that you were making easy money through your connections in high places and living a good life, and only became a critic after your means of easy income were cut-off.

One of your friends, who was arrested with you and was in Ward 209, after he was released, totally forgot about your friendship and carried out the interrogators’ orders by spreading lies about your wealth inside Iran and abroad, and many other false accusations that they have no problem in making, all paved the way for his case to be closed and not prosecuted. What else can I say…..

Despite all of these, you still say you are standing firm till the end.

I now have a question for you dear father, I am young and inexperienced but you are a vast endless ocean.

I ask you for whom are you doing this? You are prepared to give up everything (your wife and children), when you could have reached high places and high positions that your brothers could not have even dreamed of. Because they did not have your education, your experience nor your potential, they have only reached high places because of my grandfather’s position (Ayattollah Khazali).

But you, on day 103 of your hunger strike, in a 2 by 2 meter cell, firmly say, “I am standing until the end (with a sense of serenity that I have experienced all my life). You say, “I am doing this for my God, the Revolution and my people.”

To the best of my ability, I know God. I ask God to make me comprehend your ideology, for I still do not comprehend this ideology or that how far one can be loyal to an ideology.

I wasn’t there during the Revolution, I have only heard about it from you and your memories of my martyred uncle.

But I can understand the people. I do not want to resort to the Karbela and Kufa story (the battle of Karbela where Imam Hossein was killed by Yazeed and the people of Kufa despite their promise to support Imam Hossein betrayed him). But, some that used to be your close friends, now make me resort to the story of the people of Kufa.

If you are doing this for the people, it seems to me that, to change a society, the people must first change themselves.

They pre-occupy the people with poisonous propaganda. Unfortunately, the people themselves are not really after the truth, and (they) have pre-occupied them with the hardships of daily lives.

Dear father, I truly comprehend this last point!!!!”

Mohamad Saleh Khazali
Monday April 15, 2013
1:30 AM

Source: Azadegan Blog


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